Tom Bodett’s ‘Inside Passage’

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  01.10.12 | 11:31 PM ET

Brave and amazing storytelling in this Moth podcast by Tom Bodett, who recounts a low point in his life—he nearly blew himself up on a power line—and how he emerged from it with a realization about his father and a beautiful reason to go to Alaska. He writes about telling the story on his blog:

Standing on that stage in Burlington and telling such a personal tale, almost a confessional, in front of 1500 strangers was one of the highlights of my performing life. Until the moment I walked in front of the microphone a big part of me thought I was making a mistake. It was too personal. It was too revealing of a very low point in my character. It would make me choke up.

It was all those things and more and has made me very happy.

Made me choke up, too.

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Cheoy Lee 01.16.12 | 11:25 AM ET

Brave man, who by sharing his experiences with a crowd like this, sounds like he made them all the more vivid in his own mind and was able to acknowledge not only how it made him feel but also the courage in the telling.

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