Travel Warning Issued for Samoa, Tonga

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  10.01.09 | 11:28 AM ET

The British Foreign Office is advising travelers to stay away from Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga as the islands struggle with the fall-out from Tuesday’s tsunami. Milder warnings have also been issued for Sumatra, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.

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Jody Fotu Jackson 11.01.09 | 11:17 PM ET

With reference to your post about the British travel advisory for Samoa (both Independent and AMerican Samoa), since the tragic events of the 29th Sept, which affected only the south coast of Upolu Isand, the message now is to please please, VISIT Samoa.
The rest of the islands are business as usual, and for those in the south coast who lost loved ones and livelihoods, they are rebuilding their homes and lives.,
You can help by knowing and sharing the word that Samoa is still a stunning holiday destination with pristine beaches, still the friendliest people on earth (of course!) and ...your being there mean life can go on, your money means jobs and food on the table for Samoan families…,....please, VISIT SAMOA!!!!

more info about Samoa at visit : the official Tourism Samoa site

manuia le aso,


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