‘Travels With Harley’ and Other Travel Books With Missing Letters

Travel Blog  •  @worldhum  •  08.03.11 | 11:32 AM ET

Last night on Twitter, a fun, silly hashtag made the rounds: #bookswithalettermissing. Naturally a few travel-focused titles popped up, and we’ve collected nine of our favorites:

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pans. Love, friendship, cookery…. #bookswithalettermissing

Travels with Harley: Steinbeck criss-crosses America by hog. #bookswithalettermissing

Eat, Pay, Love: What really happened. #bookswithalettermissing

Our Ma in Havana: Memoir of Cuban childhood. #bookswithalettermissing

The Canterbury Ales…a guide to the finest brews in the land. #bookswithalettermissing

Notes From a Mall Island. (Somewhat less charming than Bryson’s original book.) #bookswithalettermissing

Fear and Lathing in Las Vegas. Gonzo tales from the machine shop. #bookswithalettermissing

A Moveable East: Hemingway recalls his years in Paris with a broken compass. #bookswithalettermissing

On the Rod. Kerouac’s other adventure. #bookswithalettermissing

The last time we had this much travel-themed fun on Twitter, we were talking #faketravelquotes.

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