Venice Faces Backlash Over ‘Grotesque’ Billboards

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  10.05.10 | 3:16 PM ET

I don’t get it. Why would a city that’s banned shirtlessness, pushed back against souvenir vendors and fought a war against pigeons—all in the name of preserving the urban scenery—allow its most famous views to be obliterated by building-high billboards?

But that’s just what Venice has done, and the results are hideous. And the Mayor’s response to criticism over the ads? “If people want to see the building they should go home and look at a picture of it in a book.” Nice.

Eva Holland is co-editor of World Hum. She is a former associate editor at Up Here and Up Here Business magazines, and a contributor to Vela. She's based in Canada's Yukon territory.

2 Comments for Venice Faces Backlash Over ‘Grotesque’ Billboards

Grizzly Bear Mom 10.06.10 | 12:33 PM ET

How about we alter the mayor’s comment slightly to “If you want to see the buildings STAY home and look at pictures in a book.”  The bridge of sighs billboard is particularly distracting.

dennis gauthier 10.14.10 | 11:54 AM ET

They have more to worry about ; the whole city is sinking and the ocean is rising. Polluted water;corruption ... just like a few hundred years ago! This is a nonsense.

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