What We Loved This Week: Grey Mountain, Don George’s Peru and ‘Sweatpants in Paradise’

Travel Blog  •  World Hum  •  09.17.10 | 5:20 PM ET

Eva Holland
Last weekend I drove up Grey Mountain, just outside Whitehorse, for some great views and fall color. Here’s one of my favorite shots from the excursion:

Photo by Eva Holland

Jim Benning
I loved Don George’s series about his trip to Peru. Among the highlights, his description, in part four, of witnessing the sun’s rays hitting Machu Picchu: “For a suspended moment I felt drawn into the sun, enwrapped by the sun, plucked into some profound energy-stream of sun worship that coursed through the ground where I stood.”

Michael Yessis
Molly Young’s Sweatpants in Paradise, a piece about immersive retail. It addresses something I’ve often wondered about: The baffling ubiquity of Hollister clothing and how the California town it’s named after fits into the brand. She writes:

If Southern California surf culture is Hollister’s guiding mythos, it is odd, too, that the company should name itself for a town twenty miles inland with declining home sales and greater-than-average earthquake activity. Did a lot of thought go into the choice? Or possibly none at all? It could be that “Hollister” just sounded more marketable than the nearby towns of Chualar and Molus.

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