What We Loved This Week: Rory Stewart, New York City and ‘How to Eat at Chipotle’

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Eva Holland
I’m in New York City this week, and my visit coincides with a handful of travel-themed readings, including two events for the new anthology, A Moveable Feast. The timing is perfect—I always love the chance to immerse myself in the city’s writing community.

Jim Benning
Even though I completely disagreed with the advice, I loved The Awl’s How to Eat at Chipotle.

Michael Yessis
The New Yorker profile of “The Places in Between” author and current Member of Parliament Rory Stewart. He’s lived a fascinating life in his 37 years, and he’s full of ambition. As the subhead of the story goes, “Rory Stewart walked across Afghanistan. Can he make it to 10 Downing Street?” Here’s Stewart on travel and loneliness:

You don’t feel very lonely when you have deliberately chosen to go away. You feel lonely in London, when you’re expecting to see people and nobody’s picking up your calls.

Sarah Menkedick
Chipotle-smothered cheddar cheese pierogies and double chocolate stout at Fuel and Fuddle on campus in Pittsburgh. The ‘burgh with a touch of Mexico. Dark beer and cheddar cheese were the number one and two things I missed about the United States while I was living in Mexico, so this dinner took the edge off of the culture shock for a little awhile.

Jenna Schnuer
Desk-bound this week,  I’ve been relying on my photos from trips past to calm my deadline-rushed brain. This shot from the trail out to the Anan Wildlife Observatory, which sits up the Stikine River from Wrangell, Alaska, helps. It reminds me to be patient. After all, you can’t just tell an eagle to look your way. You have to wait for it.

Photo by Jenna Schnuer

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Nina 11.13.10 | 2:51 AM ET

Love the photo Jenna!

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