What We Loved This Week: Truck Art, Tijuana and Stories from Africa

Travel Blog  •  World Hum  •  04.23.10 | 7:50 PM ET

Eva Holland
I loved hearing the latest results from the NHL playoffs being announced by the pilot on a flight from Calgary to Ottawa last weekend. Air Canada has let me down more than a few times over the years, but this is one thing they get right: They always make sure to keep their hockey-mad Canadian passengers up to date on the big games.

Frank Bures
I loved this story about truck art in Pakistan. Who says trucks have to be boring? And who doesn’t want a giant metal peacock on their vehicle?

Michael Yessis
I loved immersing myself in Africa stories, first with Frank’s excellent series The Roads Between Us, followed by Howard W. French’s piece in the Atlantic about China’s influence on the continent.

Jim Benning
I loved visiting Tijuana, in spite of this. It always shakes me up and stokes my wanderlust. Beyond that, I loved seeing the outpouring of support for Katherine Lonsdorf in the comments section of her courageous World Hum essay, as well as all the supportive comments in Amy Eward’s deeply personal story. So heartwarming.

Eric Lucas
Emails, emails. They drop like flies in my inbox. So imagine my pleasure to receive the following promotional communication from CruiseWest, Seattle’s small-ship cruising company: “What day isn’t Earth Day? After all, it isn’t just the Earth. It’s home.” Exactly my sentiments.

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