76-Second Travel Show: The Airline Logo Awards

Video  •  Robert Reid  •  05.13.10 | 1:11 PM ET

Robert Reid honors the world's best-looking airlines

Robert Reid, the U.S. Travel Editor for Lonely Planet, lives in Brooklyn. He was the subject of a World Hum interview.

Video by Robert Reid

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Chuck Kirchner 05.14.10 | 11:57 PM ET

Regional carriers, such as Alaska and Hawaiian, can get away with artistry (espeically see the Alaska aircraft the combine the Native Alaskan figure with a Hawaiian motif used on their flights to the 50th state).  The national carriers have to be all things to all people and end up with logos and color schemes that convey nothing of the spirit of place and could be any airlines logos.  (The old Pan Am globe is still my favorite.)

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