Destination: Georgia (Europe)

Travel Movie Watch: ‘The Loneliest Planet’

The Loneliest Planet premiered at the Locarno Film Festival last week. It’s an adaptation of a travel-themed short story, “Expensive Trips Nowhere,” by World Hum contributor Tom Bissell, and it stars Gael Garcia Bernal of “The Motorcycle Diaries” fame. The story follows a pair of young backpackers on a guided hiking expedition in the Caucasus Mountains, and judging from this Variety review, it’s a must-see:

Much of the pic’s first hour unspools through continuous handheld shots of the threesome trudging along with backpacks, telling stories when they’re not silently concentrating on navigating treacherous terrain. At regular interludes, long-distance shots observe them dwarfed by the landscape as Richard Skelton’s haunting, rhythmic, ethnically inflected score intones in the background.

An encounter on the trail turns into a near-life-threatening test of manhood that Alex [Bernal] arguably fails. Thereafter, none of the characters discuss what happened, but it casts a profound pall over the adventure, shifting allegiances and sympathies among the threesome. ...[V]iewers may recognize a core emotional truth about how deeply travel tests relationships, how a single instinctive action can shift the ground irrevocably between people, and how no words can make things right.

World Travel Watch: Air Travel Woes in Canada, Volcano Tourists in the Philippines and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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Stalin Artifacts Survive Russia-Georgia Conflict

Talk about taking your work home with you. When things heated up between Russia and Georgia two weeks back, the small town of Gori—best known as Josef Stalin’s birthplace—found itself in the line of fire. The bombing put the contents of the town’s Stalin Museum at risk, but fortunately the museum’s director, Robert Maglakelidze, wasn’t taking any chances: the CBC reports that he loaded his car with the most valuable artifacts before fleeing to Tbilisi.

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Unsentimental Journeys: Wrestling With Paul Theroux

Bronwen Dickey considers "Ghost Train to the Eastern Star: 28,000 Miles in Search of the Great Railway Bazaar"

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