Destination: Romania

Unsentimental Journeys: Wrestling With Paul Theroux

Bronwen Dickey considers "Ghost Train to the Eastern Star: 28,000 Miles in Search of the Great Railway Bazaar"

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Tom Haines in Romania: Exploring the Outer Edges of the EU

Romania officially joined the European Union this year, and the Boston Globe’s Tom Haines used the occasion to kick off a four-part series to see how the changes will affect the citizens of many of the nations that have recently been welcomed into the EU. Part one begins in the fog-shrouded foothills of the Carpathian range. “[W]ith a wash of midmorning sun, only faint wisps of white lingered above the village of Voronet and a stone church adorned with frescoes in rich red, gold, and blue,” Haines writes. “The Orthodox images of Adam plowing, of the Last Judgment, and more were not sheltered inside a sanctuary, but exposed, vulnerable, on outside walls.”

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Forget Cultural Integrity! Screw Taste! We Want Our Dracula Theme Park!

You’ve got to hand it to the bullheaded people in the Romanian tourism ministry. They have a vision. They have a dream. Never mind that the United Nations now says their idea is simply awful; that it probably lacks taste and will likely rob a Romanian city of its culture. The Romanian tourism honchos insist they want to build a Dracula theme park: a place where people from all walks of life can celebrate the 15th century count who inspired Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” buy plastic fangs and polyester capes and generally spend gobs and gobs of bani.

According to a report on CNN, a survey conducted next month will decide the plan’s fate, not the complaints of UNESCO and other organizations.

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