Destination: Prague

World Travel Watch: Chile Earthquake Aftermath, Rallies in Bangkok and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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The Best Travel Videos of 2009

The Best Travel Videos of 2009 iStockPhoto

We watched a lot of travel videos this year to come up with these: the 12 most hilarious, moving and memorable

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Fall Foliage Around the World

Central Park, New York Photo of Central Park, New York City, by joiseyshowaa via Flickr (Creative Commons)

From Osaka to Chicago, seven photos of turning leaves around the shrinking planet

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Skip the Colosseum? Give Prague a Pass?

Skip the Colosseum? Give Prague a Pass? Photo by tinou bao via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Eva Holland sees an emerging trend in the world of travel advice, and she's not happy about it

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Searching for the Strudel Man of Zizkov

Searching for the Strudel Man of Zizkov Photo by James Cridland, via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by James Cridland, via Flickr (Creative Commons)

It might have looked that way, but my Czech friend Milos and I were not aimlessly wandering the hilly streets of Prague’s Zizkov (pronounced: Zheezh-kof) neighborhood. We had a destination in mind. A few minutes earlier, the excitable Milos suddenly got an idea: “Strudel,” he yelled out. “There’s a guy somewhere in Zizkov who’s been selling the best apple strudel in Prague from a tiny shop in his apartment building. We must find him. Now.”

My stomach, which had been rumbling just a few minutes earlier, agreed. Milos began accosting people on the street with the frantic demeanor of someone who’d just realized their child had gone missing. A mother and daughter carrying plastic shopping bags pointed down the hill. A few blocks later a sinewy bearded guy walking a dog pointed up the hill. A gypsy woman standing on the street corner, inexplicably holding a plate of sauerkraut, pointed in a completely different direction. Finally we were crossing Konevova street, the busy dark avenue that splits the valley in Zizkov. 

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Morning Links: Best Job in the World Finalists, ‘Narco-Tours’ and More

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Martha Stewart: Travel Writer

The homemaking maven will soon be penning an “occasional personal travel column” for Martha Stewart Living, Mediaweek reports. Said the acting editor-in-chief: “Martha has been blogging about her trips and gets tons of hits on her blogs.” The first column, covering Stewart’s recent trip to Prague, is due out in April; the shift is part of a larger effort to broaden the magazine’s editorial content and appeal to new advertisers. In this tough publishing climate, I suppose it’s a good thing.

Leave Home Without It

Contemplating and celebrating the world of travel

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Affairs to Remember—On-Screen and Off

From "Roman Holiday" to "Before Sunrise," Hollywood has understood the appeal of the overseas fling. Eva Holland explains the staying power of the big screen Euro-romance.

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Paulina Porizkova: A Model Traveler

paulina porizkova Photo by Ric Ocasek.

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova has written a novel and contributed a story to "Travelers' Tales Prague and the Czech Republic." David Farley sits down with the model-turned-author to talk travel and the writing life.

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David Farley and Jessie Sholl: A Passion for Prague

They met seven years ago in Prague. Now, they've edited a new Travelers' Tales Prague collection. Jim Benning asks the pair about the city's unique appeal.

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