Destination: Chile

Could Chile See a Tourism Bump Thanks to its Rescued Miners?

Arthur Frommer thinks so. CNN’s Business 360 blogger agrees:

It would be difficult to put a price on how much the good news exposure will be a boost to Chilean business abroad, tourism at home or even the numbers who will choose a Chilean red over an Australian or French vintage on their way home tonight.

USA Today’s Laura Bly notes that an underground museum may be in the works at the rescue site.

Interview with Michael Scott Moore: ‘Sweetness and Blood’

Jim Benning talks with the author of a new travel book about the spread of surfing around the globe

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World Travel Watch: Chile Earthquake Aftermath, Rallies in Bangkok and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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Interview With Nicholas Gill: Life in ChaitÚn, Chile, a Year After the Eruption

Interview With Nicholas Gill: Life in ChaitÚn, Chile, a Year After the Eruption Photo by Nicholas Gill

Michael Yessis talks to the Frommer's Chile contributor about ChaitÚn's fate

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ChaitÚn, Chile: Life After the Eruption

ChaitÚn, Chile, After the Volcano Eruption Photo by Nicholas Gill

A year after a volcano began ravaging the Patagonian town, Nicholas Gill looks back at the destruction

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Eight Great Stories on the Travel Writing Life

To mark our eighth anniversary, we've collected eight favorite stories from our archives that explore the wanderlust-inspired literary life

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Please Don’t Hack the Earlobes Off Easter Island’s Big Stone Heads

Photo by individuo via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

Seriously. Archaeologists and others are worried that surging tourism on Easter Island is bad news for the island’s iconic Moais. We noted that, in March, a Finnish tourist cut an earlobe off one head. It turns out that’s but one of many threats to the big stone heads. “More tourism, more deterioration. More visitors, more loss,” an archaeologist tells the AP.

Arthur Frommer on ‘Touristic Vandalism’

In March, we heard about the Finnish tourist who chipped an earlobe off one of Easter Island’s moai. Then, two weeks ago, mystery vandals took a hammer and screwdriver to Stonehenge. Vandalism at major cultural sites is nothing new, but with these recent incidents, it’s had a higher profile lately. In this Globe and Mail story, Arthur Frommer offers a possible solution:

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In Patagonia, In Patagonia

Patagonia logo Photo by Tim Patterson

Tim Patterson packs his fleece and long underwear, and enters the Twilight Zone where corporate branding meets the multilayered reality of place.

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Year Off to a Rocky Start for Travelers

Where the Roads Diverged

After searching all her life, Catherine Watson felt she'd found home on Easter Island. Then she heard a whisper in her ear: Be careful what you wish for.

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Peru, Chile Clash Over New Map’s Borders

Anyone else got an issue with Chile’s borders? Last year we noted that Argentina produced a tourist map claiming a disputed area with Chile. Now Peru has published a map in its official newspaper, El Peruano, that encroaches on what Chile believes is its “fishing-rich portion of the Pacific Ocean,” reports the AP. The dispute, according to the story, stems “from a war fought more than 120 years ago.” That would be the War of the Pacific, in which Chile captured, among other things, Bolivia’s former coastline. It’s becoming a big issue. Chile has already summoned its ambassador from Peru, and Peru has plans to bring the issue to The Hague’s International Court of Justice.

Four Tiki Books: James Teitelbaum’s Picks

This week, we interviewed James Teitelbaum, author of “Tiki Road Trip: A Guide to Tiki Culture in North America.” We asked Teitelbaum to recommend a few tiki-related books (guides, narratives, anything). Here’s what he suggested:

Aku-Aku by Thor Heyerdahl
Teitelbaum says: “That’s really the book that made me want to visit Easter Island. It’s very readable, with suspense, humor. It’s a good all-around read.”

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Bring Your Tray Tables to the Upright Position and…Duck!

The pilot of a Lan airline jet reported seeing flaming debris fall past his plane as he prepared for a landing in Auckland. NASA officials suspect it was meteors. You want space tourism? Lan’s got your space tourism.

Rocking in Chile, Post-Pinochet

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