Destination: Seoul

Welcome to Seoul’s ‘Air City’

Welcome to Seoul’s ‘Air City’ Photo by hyku via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by hyku via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Plans are in the works to build an “air city” on the grounds at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, USA Today reports. The complex, aimed at grabbing a bigger share of in-transit passengers in the region, could apparently include apartments, studios and runways for in-house fashion designers, a theme park, a marina and a clinic designed for medical tourists. Anyone else smell a sequel to The Terminal?

Chogye Temple, Seoul, South Korea

Chogye Temple, Seoul, South Korea REUTERS/Jo Yong-Hak

A Buddhist woman reads a sacred book in front of a sermon hall as lotus lanterns with name cards hang on the wall at the Chogye temple in Seoul, ahead of May 2 celebrations in the country to commemorate Buddha's birthday.

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Seoul, South Korea

seoul south korea REUTERS/Jo Yong-Hak

A man stands in front of a statue titled "Seoul broods a golden egg" at the Seoul city hall plaza in central Seoul.

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