Destination: Suriname

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Suriname, Brand That Nation!

Photo by Suripepa via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Everyone knows how important nation branding can be in developing strong tourism economies. Witness the success of New Zealand (it’s pure! Froddo lives there!) and Spain (wacky parks! Miró! tapas!). Without a strong brand, a nation’s reputation is vulnerable to the whims of pop culture (holiday in Kazakhstan, anyone?). Sadly, not every country has the resources for nation branding. Other countries simply need fresh ideas. For them, we launch Brand That Nation!—an irregular feature that will act as a sort of tip sheet for countries that may or may not be considering new branding campaigns. Note: While our tips may work everywhere, they’re designed especially for the U.S. market, where simple, easy-to-remember slogans are key.

Official name: Republic of Suriname

Population: 438,144

Capital: Paramaribo

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