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World Travel Watch: Protests in France Turn Violent, Entry Fee in Venice and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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Kiev, Ukraine

An artist performs during an annual fire festival in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

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The Best in ‘Geek’ Travel: From Tokyo to Tatooine

Where does someone who’s, say, willing to spend days in line waiting in line for an iPhone go on his or her travels? Apparently, where there’s a lot of technology and, in one case, nuclear fallout. Among the “geek vacation” spots recommended by Christopher Null in Wired’s July issue: New Zealand (for “The Lord of the Rings” movie locations); the South Pole (“Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station will warm any geek’s heart”); Tokyo’s Akihabara district (the “ultimate red-light district for gadget fetishists”); and Prypyat, Ukraine. Prypyat is “a town whose 47,000 inhabitants had to split within 36 hours of the meltdown” of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Sounds better suited for Dark Travelers.

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Lviv, Ukraine

Coordinates: 49 50 24 0 E
Population: 732,818 (2001 est.)
The Ukrainian national team has surprised many 2006 World Cup fans with its success in making the quarterfinals, but the team actually has a fairly long history beginning in the western city of Lviv in July 1894. In that month, the first official soccer match was held here in a small stadium in Stryisky Park. Established in the 13th century along the trade route between the Baltic Sea and Black Sea, Lviv is the only Ukrainian city with Renaissance architecture. Beyond its significance to European athletics, the urban center north of the Carpathian Mountains also plays an important role in the country’s culture, economy and educational system.

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