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A Cup of Coffee and a Soft Chair

A Cup of Coffee and a Soft Chair Photo by visualpanic via Flickr (Creative Commons)

After 14 months traveling overland from Beijing to Istanbul, Joel Carillet faced a gingerbread latte -- and a series of unexpected fears

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How to Take Part in an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

How to Take Part in an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Photo by babasteve via Flickr (Creative Commons)

In Ethiopia, people who have no one to drink coffee with have no friends. Jenny Dunlop explains why you must stay for the third cup.

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Chiapas: An Economist Correspondent’s Diary

Its focus is Zapatistas and coffee. Mostly coffee.

Best Cities to Drink Coffee

coffee cafe REUTERS

Terry Ward takes a look at seven of the best cities in the world to sit and sip

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A Good Time for a Flyover Vacation

A Good Time for a Flyover Vacation Photo by jenlight via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Now is a great time to plan a vacation in a flyover state. Southwest Airlines and AirTran have kicked off what’s likely to be a spate of domestic fare sales and USA Today reports that convention hotels are hungry for business. This adds up to bargains on domestic vacations.

And here’s a story to clip and carry on your trip: The Chicago Tribune polled baristas at a coffee competition for the best places to get a fine cuppa Joe in several flyover cities. Very useful. (By the way, they agreed that there is no good coffee in New Orleans. Really?)

Sipping Starbucks, From Bloomington, Indiana to Shanghai, China

Starbucks, Shanghai, China Photo by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

Westerners often assume that a Starbucks is a Starbucks is a Starbucks, but are they right? Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom recalls the big green coffee machine's arrival in two very different cities.

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Starbucks vs. the Traveler

Starbucks vs. the Traveler Starbucks Italy by miss karen via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

Starbucks has 15,000 locations worldwide. Six new shops open every day. Are local cultures doomed? Jim Benning ventures to Tijuana, where Starbucks recently arrived, to find out.

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‘La Bella Figura’: Into the Italian Psyche

In his latest book, Beppe Severgnini riffs on stadiums, cappuccinos and the Italian relationship to the stoplight. Lauren Grodstein finds the book a fun ride, but also like traveling in the company of a slaphappy tour-bus driver.

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Going Home

Barstow, California Photo by Michael Yessis.

The Greyhound bus takes 51 hours to get from Los Angeles to Winnipeg, just enough time for Stephen Hunt to rediscover a little human decency

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