Destination: Vienna

Finding ‘The Third Man’ in Vienna

Finding ‘The Third Man’ in Vienna Photo by jmenard48 via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by jmenard48 via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Paul Gogarty’s Graham Greene-themed tour of the Austrian capital goes well beyond that famous Ferris wheel.

What We Loved This Week: Twitter, Portland’s Cheap Eats, ‘Before Sunrise’ and More

Our contributors share a favorite travel-related experience from the past seven days:

Valerie Conners
Trip-planning via Twitter and the fabulous tweeps following @worldhum. I’m heading to Buenos Aires in April and have been posting questions out to our twitterverse of followers, looking for tips on sights, food, estancia tours and more—the response has been so warm and incredibly helpful. What an amazing resource. Some great ideas have crossed my path and are making their way into my itinerary.

Eva Holland
I watched one of my favorite travel movies, “Before Sunrise,” again for the first time in a couple of years and was thrilled to find that none of the crazy, spontaneous magic of Jesse and Celine’s one night in Vienna had worn off. Here’s a classic sequence:

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Best Cities to Drink Coffee

coffee cafe REUTERS

Terry Ward takes a look at seven of the best cities in the world to sit and sip

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Checking In

hotel blog bell iStockPhoto
Photo by iStockPhoto

Salutations! My name is Alexander Basek, and I’ll be blogging about hotels on World Hum. “But Alexander,” you interject, “do we even need a writer to cover hotels now that there’s Facebook, TripAdvisor and Twitter? The wisdom of crowds! Web 2.0!” Hold on: I love me some new media. I even got some hotel advice—unsolicited, useful hotel advice—from Twitter last week. That said, recommendations are a lot better when you know where the recommender is coming from, and once you get to know me, that’s what I aim to give you.

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