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Photo You Must See: Santa and his Gondola

Photo You Must See: Santa and his Gondola REUTERS/STRINGER Italy

In Venice, a man dressed as Santa Claus distributes candy from a special Christmas gondola.

Valentine’s Day Comes to Ghana

Why is the holiday taking off in the African nation?  In part, one cultural anthropologist told USA Today, because “radio airplay of love songs by Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Lionel Richie and others is year-round and has fed the idea that Valentine’s Day is for sweethearts.” It’s tangential, but that reminds us of the intriguing Lionel Richie-Libya connection.

British Tabloid Travel Headline of the Day: ‘Santa Claus in Travel Ban’

The Sun reports that Santa Claus lookalike David Powney had his passport application rejected because of his bushy white beard.

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On Valentine’s Day, Dancing with the Romance of Possibility

Lonely Planet Travel Editor Don George’s weekly column is always a pleasure to read, and this week’s is no different. In honor of Valentine’s Day, George meditates on the romance of travel, or more accurately, as he puts it, “the romance of possibility.” George recalls past travels, including a trip to Venice, when, while walking down a cobbled alley, “I feel torn out of this century. My heart pounds in my ears. I have no idea what awaits, who I will meet, around the corner.” That sense of possibility is evident, too, he writes, in the travel-journalism workshop he now teaches: “Above the discussions of structural strategies and stylistic techniques, this romance hangs, unnamed but palpable, in the classroom air.”

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