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Travel Writing as a Political Act

Travel Writing as a Political Act REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Lonely Planet writer Robert Reid explores the role of travel writers in a complex world

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‘The Worst Guidebook Writer Ever’?

Lonely Planet author Robert Reid reviews Thomas Kohnstamm's "Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?" and weighs in on the controversy surrounding it

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Thomas Kohnstamm’s Lonely Planet: The Firestorm Around ‘Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?’

thomas kohnstamm Photo by Annie Musselman.

The author of a new book that purports to explore the underside of travel writing is taking a lot of hits. Frank Bures asks him about the controversy he's stirred up and his take on the guidebook industry.

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Robert Reid: A Guidebook Writer in the Digital Age

Eva Holland asks the Lonely Planet writer turned Web publisher about the rise of online guides and why he sometimes believes he's "living a doomed profession."

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Illuminating ‘Dark Travel’

The "Lonely Planet 2007 Blue List" and Adam Russ's "101 Places Not to Visit" spur Frank Bures to contemplate why travelers don't always want to be delivered from inconvenience.

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Notable Travel Books of 2005

World Hum reviewed a number of new travel books this year, but not all of them. Frank Bures highlights new titles worthy of a place on any traveler's bookshelf.

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Joel Henry: Dean of “Experimental Travel”

A new book from Lonely Planet preaches the gospel of unconventional travel. What's it all about? Frank Bures asks its author.

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Don George: The Art of Travel Writing

Jim Benning asks the author of Lonely Planet's new guide to travel writing about the pleasures and challenges of the work, and the legacy of Salon.com's Wanderlust

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Lonely Planet at 30

Jim Benning celebrates three decades of groundbreaking independent travel guides

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