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‘EIMI: A Journey Through Soviet Russia’

E.E. Cummings's book chronicling a 36-day trip in 1931 has been reissued after almost 50 years out of print. Frank Bures says it's a tough read, but worthwhile.

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‘Travels with Herodotus’: Kapuscinski and the Weight of History

Frank Bures considers Ryszard Kapuscinski's newly translated book -- and the Polish writer's controversial legacy

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World Hum’s Top 30 Travel Books

We recently counted down the best travel books of all time. Here's the entire list -- and loads of picks from World Hum readers.

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No. 4: “The Soccer War” by Ryszard Kapuściński

To mark our five-year anniversary, we’re counting down the top 30 travel books of all time, adding a new title each day this month.
Published: 1978
Territory covered: Africa, Central America, Cyprus and Israel

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