Eight Great Travel Twitter Tweets for September

Lists: What makes a good travel tweet? Here are eight favorites from the past month.

10.02.09 | 12:04 PM ET


After all the talk about whether to Twitter from the road and how best to go about it, we started keeping an eye out for particularly good travel tweets.

Here, in no particular order, are eight more memorable tweets from the past month that evoke a sense of place, or that offer some humor or insight about the travel experience.

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Made it to hotel, despite cabbie’s efforts to kill us both in a Michael Bay-esque crash. I think I should get an achievement for surviving.

The Stranger and No Exit are great existentialist works but for my money none is better than US Airways.

near hearst castle, elephant seals offer impressive greek chorus at piedras blancas. wonder what they’re saying about newspaper fortunes?

Ok, just how gross is it to walk barefoot through airport security? Only reason to look forward to sock-and-shoe cold weather.

business idea: Eau de Backpacker, the scent of life on the road. Want to smell like you’ve been traveling? Spray it on!

Feel vulnerable here at LaGuardia. I travel without a laptop, a mouse tried to attack me at D7 gate, and I’ve no quarters for Galaga.

Some men bring flowers, my husband brings me back in-flight mags, trashy airport books, and hotel toiletries.

A man on a unicycle is juggling knives at a nearby stoplight. Talk about working hard for your money. Lima, Peru.

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