Cosette and Me: A Dog and Traveler Love Story

Audio Slideshow  •  Allison Otto  •  01.15.10 | 10:03 AM ET

Allison Otto is an award-winning shortform filmmaker and writer who produces work for the Travel Channel, World Hum, and Outside Magazine’s dog blog. In her free time she enjoys running, teaching yoga and enjoying grand adventures with her dog.

All photos by Allison Otto except “No Dogs Allowed” sign by Photocapy, via Flickr (Creative Commons)

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Jessie Sholl 01.15.10 | 5:18 PM ET

I love this! Really fantastically done. This would make a great series—maybe something like travels with Cosette….

Marcy Gordon 01.15.10 | 8:10 PM ET

I watched this with my dog.

Charlene 01.15.10 | 8:39 PM ET

Allison, this is just so sweet! Cosette is the luckiest dog to have been rescued by you and given so much love…not to mention all the adventures she gets to have with you now. You are both blessed!

@Travelblggr 01.15.10 | 11:36 PM ET

Allison, she is just too cute!  About the same size as my Allie Bear.  I don’t know how you shoot video with her!  I think that is awesome.  My dog is so prey-driven I can’t let her off leash.  But she’s very cat-like and sleeps in a little ball until I get home.  She loves a long drive though.  I admire that about dogs ... sticking their face out into the wind and enjoying the view.  :o)

Allison Otto 01.16.10 | 1:43 PM ET

Thanks for your comments everyone! @Travelblggr, have you ever tried this with your dog: if I’m filming outdoors sometimes I use a runner’s trick and loop her leash through a fanny pack and clip the fanny pack around my waist. Then my hands are free and Cosette has some room to walk around. It looks kind of funny, but it works :)

Mary Hawkins 01.16.10 | 6:33 PM ET

So cute, dog lovers totally understand! Harder to sneak a golden retriever into places. Loews hotels are nice to dogs, we’ve learned. Thanks for sharing, and Buddy says hi to Cosette!

Scott Keeps Running 01.17.10 | 2:01 AM ET

Very nice piece and great photos.

My dog loves running through the mountains and traveling around the country as much as I do.  She’s the best travel companion.

Keep running!

Allison Otto 01.17.10 | 9:27 PM ET

Hi Mary! I agree that Loews is one of the best pet-friendly hotel chains I’ve come across. Plus I love that they supply you with dog bowls and treats when you check in. It’s great!
Scott Keeps Running: Thanks for watching the slideshow and I’m glad to hear you liked it! :) Cosette loves a good run—since she’s a smaller dog I don’t think she’s been on a run longer than 6 miles. We usually go for about 2-4 miles if we’re running together.

dining room tables 01.17.10 | 11:04 PM ET

It made me cry! I was touched I am missed my dog who just passe away a month ago after being with me for 3 years.

Grizzly Bear Mom 01.19.10 | 3:39 PM ET

Two men were walking their dogs, when the first man said “Let’s go into that tavern.”  The second said “How are we going to do that with the dogs?”  The first said “Just do what I do.”  The first man put on his sunglasses and walked up to the tavern door, but the bouncer said “No dogs.”  The first man said “it’s a guide dog.”  “A guide dog?  They are using Dobermens as guide dogs?!” exclained the bouncer incredulously.  “With great results” claimed the first man and went in.  So the second man put on his sunglasses and walked up to the door.  The bouncer said “No pets.”  The second man said “It’s a guide dog.”  The bouncer sneered “A chihuahua?  They’re using chihuahua’s for guide dogs?!”  The second man said “A chihuahua!  They gave me a stinking Chihuahua!” 

Writen by a visually impaired dog lover who is a little proud and a little ashamed of how connected she is to her Siberian Husky Tater. 

Sibes are know for their prey drive.  Mine used to go after the neighbors puppy and my mom’s cats.  We went to dog training at a big super sized pet store and Tater learned that I was the Alpha Dog and would be the one deciding when to attack (never.)

P.S.  I

Lindsey 01.20.10 | 7:47 PM ET

Allison- thanks so much for sharing this! I always travel with a pack (3 dogs, 2 horses) - most are rescues! They make superb road trip buddies.

joei 01.21.10 | 7:54 AM ET

That was a nice video to start my day, so thanks We traveled w/ our Luey from PA. to FL. last year, he was great throughout the entire trip. I can’t wait for it to get nice to start hiking w/ him! Thanks Allison and Cosette for brightening my day, Joei in Scranton, PA

Allison Otto 01.21.10 | 9:05 PM ET

Thanks for watching the audio slideshow Lindsey, Joei and Grizzly Bear Mom! Glad to hear you liked it and that there are other dog lovers out there who are just as infatuated with their pets and travel with them. Lindsey, that’s pretty impressive that your pack includes 3 dogs and 2 horses—-very cool!!

Della Kerr 01.22.10 | 2:33 PM ET

Dogs are the greatest!  They keep us caring and human in the best sense.

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