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Photo You Must See: So a Dog Walks into a Bar in Havana

Photo You Must See: So a Dog Walks into a Bar in Havana REUTERS/Desmond Boylan

A dog sits on a stool in a bar in Havana, Cuba

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Cosette and Me: A Dog and Traveler Love Story

dog travel Photo by Allison Otto

Allison Otto longed for the perfect travel companion. She just never thought hers would be so hairy.

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How To ‘Visit Your Dog’s Ancestral Home’

Great travel idea for pooch lovers from Jean Tang at Budget Travel.

The Dogs of Pohnpei

pohnpei, micronesia Photo by Rob Verger.

They roam wild on the Micronesian island. Their meat is also considered a delicacy. When one of his students offered him a plate, Rob Verger faced a decision.

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U.S. Ambassador’s Dog ‘Frisked’ At Canadian Customs

We’ve noted before that American customs agents are gaining a reputation among travelers for mechanical coldness, or even angry, intimidating behavior. But it seems American officials aren’t the only guilty parties.

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Travel Writers Miss Their Dogs, Too

Most travel writers realize that their job, to most people, is a fantasy job. Thus, you won’t often hear a travel writer complain about her job in public. And it’s even more rare to see gripes in print, which makes Melissa Marshall’s essay “Nice Work, or is it?” on MediaBistro.com particularly noteworthy. Her piece chronicles some of the downsides she’s encountered as a travel writer—missing her family and dog, and having to write “glorified ad copy” among them. But, in the end, Marshall realizes that the upside of the travel writing life is pretty good. She writes: “This is nice work, if you can get it.”

“We Plan to Develop Canned Dog-Meat Juice, Which Football Fans Can Enjoy in Their Stadium Seats”

We’re a couple of the rare Americans who can’t wait for World Cup South Korea/Japan 2002. Many of the games will begin at 4 a.m. where we live, but we don’t care. We’re watching—for the football, and the inevitable cultural confusion, enlightenment and head-butting that comes when fans and teams from 32 countries get together to fly their flags and chant their songs. With less than four weeks remaining before the Cup kicks off, the zaniness has already begun.

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