Aboard the ‘Ladies Special’ in India

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  09.18.09 | 9:36 AM ET

The New York Times reports from a new women-only commuter train in Delhi, part of a pilot program spanning four major Indian cities that’s aimed at cutting down on the harassment of female passengers. I’m thrilled to hear about the program, but here’s hoping it will only need to be a short-term solution—as one interviewee noted in the story, “You really need to make every train as safe as the Ladies Specials.”

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4 Comments for Aboard the ‘Ladies Special’ in India

Maria Flores 09.18.09 | 10:08 AM ET

I too am thrilled about this taking effect!  Was buying a ticket out of Delhi yesterday and the “Ladies Special” is the real deal. 

But since when is commuting without being groped considered a privilege?

JoAnna 09.18.09 | 11:30 AM ET

Whether harassment is an issue or not, there are times when it’s just nice to be in the company of other women. Cooking in Kenya wouldn’t be the same if men were in the kitchen. My women’s writers’ group would be drastically different with men. Hopefully the women find this to be both a safe and enjoyable ride.

Neeraj 10.24.09 | 2:59 AM ET

Ahh, you see thats the problem out here. Its a two pronged sword really. Introduce such a ladies-only service and you’re insulting the ‘equality’ issue completely. Dont do it, and get lambasted for doing nothing. What do you do?

Neil 10.30.09 | 11:06 PM ET

I feel that, its better to have separate ladies compartment in every city train than a separate ladies train. I don’t think one or two ladies special train is going to help in major cities in India.

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