Aerogram Love, Continued

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  03.30.10 | 11:03 AM ET

The latest to weigh in on the disappearing aerogram: Dickon Edwards.

I’ve been buying up packs frantically, in order to beat the price rise. Other people stockpile petrol and tinned food: I stockpile stationery.

After all, who sends airletters in 2010? A smattering of collectors, a few pensioners who won’t touch a computer, and defiant retro-stylists like myself. But I have a letter-loving friend in Australia who writes back, on the pretty pictorial aerogrammes the country still issues, and exchanging Facebook Wall posts with her just doesn’t lift my heart in the same way.

(Via @evanrail)

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Travelling Cheri 04.13.10 | 2:29 AM ET

I like the idea of still sticking to aerogram despite having these modern gadgets. I appreciate it a lot whenever i receive one because from my point of view, people who are giving this are putting more efforts on it.

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