Bookstore Tourism’s Portzline Jams With the Rock Bottom Remainders

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  06.06.07 | 10:44 AM ET


We learned a lot about Bookstore Tourism founder Larry Portzline in our Q&A. We didn’t learn, though, that he rocks. At BookExpo in New York last week, Portzline jammed with Dave Barry, Frank McCourt, Amy Tan and the many other literary all-stars in the band the Rock Bottom Remainders. “It was truly bizarre and amazing,” he wrote me in an e-mail. “Plus it was surprising to hear how well these guys play. In strictly bar-band terms, they’re actually good!”

For the record, Portzline gained his spot on stage through a charity auction—his winning bid was $2,500—and sang “Wild Thing.” He has not, however, given up Bookstore Tourism for rock. Being at the Book Expo, he writes, has left him recharged and rededicated to the project. Good news. We’ve always believed in Bookstore Tourism.

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