Forbes Traveler on ‘Dumb Travel Trends’

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  09.23.08 | 10:13 AM ET

Good news: It looks as though our feelings are spreading.

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Sophie 09.23.08 | 4:14 PM ET

Dopey marketing terms aside, what annoys me about this Forbes story is that it fails to take into consideration the difference between traveling and taking a vacation.

Incredible as it might seem, some people don’t like to travel. (I know—I can’t explain it either.) But those same people do like to get away from home sometimes. I find travel snobbery as distasteful as any other form.

Sometimes I want to travel. Sometimes I want to lie by a pool and eat too much.

The people who take “mancations” or “momcations” or whatever (full disclosure: I have used the words “staycation” and “mancation” in print because I’ll writeanything for money) are not the people who would be trekking through Thailand if they hadn’t been seduced by Carnival. They’re people who just want to get away from the office and the kitchen and the mundane chores of their lives to kick back a few days and let someone bring them fruity drinks. So sue them…

Truthfully, I roll my eyes at the whole “If you haven’t schlepped a 75 pound pack and frozen your butt off sleeping in a yurt you’re just just a stinkin’ tourist,” school of travel, too.

Live and let live.

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