In Defense of Rachael Ray

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  08.25.05 | 10:09 AM ET

Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels debuts on the Food Network Friday at 9:30 p.m. Unlike many in the blogosphere, I’m looking forward to checking it out. I’ve seen and heard the complaints about Ray. She’s perky. Extra perky. Excruciatingly perky. The Rachael Ray Sucks page—“created for people that hate the untalented twit known as Rachael Ray”—features a litany of insults. Where does the hate come from?

I find her watchable, and it’s not just because of her photo spread in FHM magazine or the inadvertent innuendo, though I do like that she seems to respond to everything that she eats on her other travel/food show $40 a Day with over-the-top bliss. She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, unlike some of her critics. Anyway, if you’re pro-Rachael like me, you can whet your appetite for the show’s debut with Budget Travel Online’s Window or Aisle? interview. If you’re not a fan, watch anyway and play the Rachael Ray drinking game.

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Matty 08.26.05 | 9:43 AM ET

I couldn’t agree with you more Michael. After viewing the Rachael Ray Sucks page, it seems obvious that all these over achievers have misplaced their remote controls. If you don’t like someone or something on television, change the damn channel or better yet, turn it off - but I guess this has never occurred to them. Sad really.

Carl Parkes 08.26.05 | 5:55 PM ET

I agree that Rachael is an appealing host and far more likeable than Emeril and those other “professional” chefs who keep yelling at the tube.

Whenever he slaps some garlic in the pot and looks at the camera for his moment (I’m going to throw up”), I reach for my revolver. At least Rachael does dishes I can actually make in my kitchen, she also provides some eye candy, which I always appreciate.

Oh, I also had some comments about that ridiculous article last week in the travel section of the New York Times, but I’ll save that for later. Idiots. And how much was the payoff?

Scott 08.27.05 | 4:58 AM ET

Hmm… She appears to be doing something she enjoys and getting paid for it, she’s pretty, gets to travel, and enjoys a modicum of notoriety.

Yeah, we should all hate her.

Dana 08.30.05 | 4:12 PM ET

Anyone who would waste precious time creating a cruel pathetic website devoted to hating on Rachel Ray obviously hasnt realized whats real and important in life.
She is motivated,excited about life and I bet a very loving person.
I am willing to bet those naysayers have jealousy issues and not much of a life. Maybe it is time to get a life and focus on positive endeavors.
If they are so damn disgusted with watching turn the channel, get off your jealous butts and have a life!!!

Matt 08.31.05 | 2:08 AM ET

She’s annoying as hell, and the drinking game is spot on.

Erik Olsen 09.01.05 | 11:22 PM ET

Holy cow. That’s some photo spread. Maybe I will check this show out. ;-)

Hutbed 09.16.05 | 9:48 PM ET

I enjoy watching her on tv.  She come across as a ‘normal’(I don’t believe in normal, but what I think other people think normal is) and not stuffy.  I’ll need to try some recipies to see if the people that don’t like her because of them have a leg to stand on.  Food taste is so subjective though.  She does seem so happy, that can bring some to dislike her if they are not that happy.  It’s a SHOW!

Paige 09.17.05 | 1:10 AM ET

Rachel Ray is my 5 yr. old son’s aboslute DREAM girl:) Every day he waits for her show to come on, and then with glorious 5 year old anticipation, screams for me to “Come sit down Mommy, Rachel Ray is on next!” I think he is more excited by the impending arrival of her show, 30 Minute Meals, every day than he is for Santa! His take? “I like to watch what she makes Mommy, cuz cooking is funnest cuz you get to eat what you make!” The beauty of children….Go Rachel!! Keep Smiling…You make the day for a gregarious, budding, discernable Greek little chef:)

Steve 09.19.05 | 2:19 PM ET

She is just _so_ delicious—babeilicious.  Great mouth.

Nathan Lanier 09.25.05 | 12:15 PM ET

Heh, I made a post like this a few months back.  Here are my thoughts.

Dave 09.29.05 | 8:55 AM ET

These Rachel haters really need to get a life.  My wife loves her recipes because she can make them quick and easy after a long day at work.  I love watching her because she’s not some old, wrinkled hag or a fat guy yelling at me.  I also like to cook and can actually handle the recipes she shows.
I think the Rachel haters are just envious that a normal person has made it big in the world of food.

godman 09.29.05 | 9:22 PM ET

these RRS ppl are wankers and one likes country muzak, enough said.

katherine 09.30.05 | 6:30 PM ET

hey ms. ray is a complete tool, BUT i cannot change the channel whilst one of her bazillion shows are on. she is super spunky and that is why she is so bloody popular. she is not a properly trained chef, so whatever…she is tv fodder. big deal. nobody would even write to this unless they had not tuned in.

beers, steers and cheers!

Billy Bob 10.03.05 | 7:52 PM ET

Just because she is some bimbo who has to be on Zoloft and many people like to watch because she is so insane.  You people who bash the haters are just internet perverts who oogle her.  Her annoying unbelievably basic meals turn out horribly.  Now Paula Deen is someone I could sink my teeth into.  Yum Yum.  Her restaurant and shows are out of this world.  She is no psychotic phony.  So go and take some EVOO dump it on your heads and make a rr funeral pyre.  Pathetic anti-haters!

you dont wanna know 10.03.05 | 11:25 PM ET

I’m proud to be a Rachael Ray hater.

She’s such a spaz on crack and totally fake

Valerie 10.03.05 | 11:39 PM ET

Every other show on Foodnetwork now features Rachael Ray. Maybe the overexposure is what has done her in. After a while that perky quiality sounds so fake her recipies are bleh! She’s no Julia Childs. Foodnetwork is just going down the drain.

A Foodie 10.04.05 | 9:45 AM ET

Rachael may not be a professional chef, but who cares.  She brings a lot of energy to the table.  I love her show.  Now for a pro chef, I really like Giada DeLorentiis.

Food Lover 10.04.05 | 12:16 PM ET

Hey Rachael Ray Haters:

Get a life and change the channel if you hate her that much. It just shows how pathetic you people are when you don’t have anything better to do with your time than watch, then trash a TV personality and her fans.

You dont wanna know 10.04.05 | 4:29 PM ET

See, maybe we dont want to change the channel or we are unable to because someone else in the house likes Raytard so we are stuck seeing her ugly face on our tv.

I agree with Valerie that Foodnetwork is going down teh drain.

Bonnie 10.04.05 | 9:19 PM ET

Rachael acts like she is hawking things at a circus. She flies her hands and yells!! She uses the same food over and over and now she wants to show her cleavage. Jeesh.  She thinks she is something. Making up stoop and sammies. I just cannot watch her anymore. She is not real

Billy Bob 10.04.05 | 10:41 PM ET

“Get a life and change the channel if you hate her that much.”  Don’t you understand people love to hate the oddities of the world.  When Howard Stern was at his peek the haters could not turn it off.  You just want to look at the Joker’s daughter I mean come on that mouth looks like the love child of Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero.  If she lived in my county I could get Raytard services from Medicaid to help teach her to bake.

Jack Scratch 10.05.05 | 10:45 AM ET

I think Rachael is awesome. Her show is dun, her recipes are made with things that can be found in any kitchen and I love her perkiness. It’s nice to see someone doing what they like and doing it well. I think all these haters are just consumed with jealousy. If you don’t like . . . don’t watch. Meanwhile Rachael - keep up the good work and the realistic recipes for most folk. You are fantastic and I love your show.

RealChef 10.05.05 | 1:51 PM ET

Rachael sucks. COMPLETELY! I admit I would love her job(s) and I know I could do a better job at it and it will be tool-feel. I really wish I had some of what she is on. My husband and I have a running joke about who will be on Foodtv now? - 7 out of 10 times it is TheRach oh yeah, TheRoach, and we both think she is doing blow or something inbetween takes. There is no bloody way that that show is filmed w/in 30 mins (23 for real). I say we suggest that she does a live cooking show - like SNL except funny, because she will suck even worse. If she pulls that off I will photo my naked butt and try to post it on this site - well at least send a link. JOKE: What is the difference between Rachael Ray and a crack whore? PUNCH: NONE

Mike Dennis 10.05.05 | 5:47 PM ET

Some of you may hate Rachael Ray, but one very important person in the television business does not, Oprah Winfrey.  It looks like Oprah will be working with Ms. Ray on a new talk show for next year.  So to all you who think they can do a better job on TV than Rachael, give Oprah a call.  As we all know, Oprah has pretty good track record in picking new talk show talent.  She found this guy named Phillip McGraw.  You may know him better as Dr. Phil.

Germaine 10.05.05 | 9:31 PM ET

I don’t hate her. I just cannot fathom what they are trying to turn her into. The neckline gets lower and lower and she shouts more and more and maybe she should cook more. Then her hands won’t have to take off like a pinwheel in a hurricane!

mary 10.07.05 | 9:00 PM ET

Personally, I turned off Rachael Ray months ago when I could not stand hearing her screaming into my TV anymore. If she would just tone it down a few notches, stop saying EVOO, and for God’s sake stop saying she is going to let her food hang out and “groove” I might be able to watch her again. She was entertaining for a while but her delivery became obnoxious. I don’t mind her earlier shows, she seemed a little more toned down back then.

mary 10.07.05 | 9:06 PM ET

...and for the poster who refered to Oprah choosing to back Rachael as a talk show host…well, I think Oprah is making a huge mistake. I turned her off a few years ago also. She thought her friend “Gayle” was going to be a big talk show queen but we all remember what happened to her show!! Another Oprah mistake in judgement.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 10.10.05 | 1:23 PM ET

Well, being half Italian, I know that being so expressive with handss and passionate about what is talked about, is just part of that culture. She is who she is and I love who she is. I’ve enjoyed her show from the beginning and I enjoy her delivery enormously. I’ve just spent time trying to find out when and where her daytime talk show will be on and was disappointed that it won’t be for another year yet.
For all of you who need to take the time to express hate for someone you don’t even know, you need to put those energies into something more positve. Finding fault with people is not the answer. I agree with others who say that finding the remote, and pushing that little button will alleviate all of your do it and stop trying to cut down someone who is energetic and fun loving and gives a lot to those fans, like me, who love her. Step up a notch in the human chain, people…build up…don’t tear down.

Kylie Kulang 10.11.05 | 3:36 PM ET

I work in a facility for children and there is one particular child that LOVES Rachael Ray.  I was wondering if there was a way we can get an address to write her?

Billy Bob 10.12.05 | 9:39 PM ET

that facility must be a lock down ward for the criminally insane.  i’m quite positive i hate raytard.  to build on that goes beyond reason.  some people are too funny/ridiculous/stupid to not laugh at. i’ll let her DD case manager build her up.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 10.12.05 | 11:49 PM ET

Billy Bob Joe Otis Ray…
You can laugh at her all you want, but she’s laughing all the way to the bank, honey. You just wish you could make the money that she makes. She wouldn’t have so many shows if she weren’t a big draw to so many people. It should be obvious to even someone with a pea brain like yours to realize that the majority of viewers love Rachael Ray or she wouldn’t be the hottest thing on the Food Network.
Oooppsss!!!! Your jealousy is showing.
By the way, bub…whatcha doing watching that network? Are you a chef? Or is your talent more in trying to be a comedian. Well, you fail miserably.
We all should be so lucky to be doing a job that we love and are passionate about and get paid big bucks to boot.

Billy Bob 10.13.05 | 8:10 AM ET

If life is all about money then she is gaining a piece of the pie.  But sadly that is how people are judging others and the handlers will throw insane amounts of money at people so they can make money for their stockholders.  Pro athletes, teen idols are they worth it?  They have to do the same things you and I do.  Martin Sheen in Wall Street said “I don’t judge a person by the size of their wallet”.  Clearly you are lost in the excess of the 80’s.  Or the reality show era.  Anyone can get on and make money.  I am jealous of Julia Child and Paula Deen as they have talent.  Food is 90% look 10% taste and they know how to do it.  Miss Ray is a dime a dozen that I can’t watch and don’t because it is simplistic and a disaster.  As people have said I’ll give her props if she does a 30 minute meal live and commercial free with no help from the her handlers.  BTW it is a cable network.  I believe it is the fringe audience of lost little souls that need something missing because they don’t have the money and envy everyone else who has it..  If she were a big draw she would be on a legitimate channel.  Furthermore I do not watch her shows. My trailer my truck my shotgun and my hound are all I need.

Cincy 10.13.05 | 2:24 PM ET

Rachael Ray did do LIVE 30 minute meals when she worked at the grocery store. That’s how she got the gig at the Food Channel. Someone at the channel saw her doing 30 minute meal demos and thought it would make a great show.  Duh!!! If you would stop hating her long enough, you might learn something about her. She’s a lovely young woman who is doing what she wants to do and ignoring the haters of the world who wish her ill. Smart lady.

Billy Bob 10.13.05 | 5:29 PM ET

Yes a grocery store is much like an actual kitchen.  Prep work takes time.  Set-up takes time.  If you tabulate the time it takes add on another 15-20 minutes for untrained cooks and to set it up.  If everything is prepared to start of course it is quick.  I wish everyone who is a created talent ill will because they are fake.  If she is that way with everyone, cheap and downright unhealthful in her cooking she is a major contribution to turning obesity in America a pandemic.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 10.13.05 | 11:15 PM ET

billy bobblehead, you are unbelieveable. First of all, I have her books and I watch her all the time and I’ve made many of her recipes, with much success for me and those I cook for. She has done shows that feature healthy food, she has done shows specifically for hiking trails, she has done many shows for all kind of situations. For someone who doesn’t watch her show, you certainly seem to think you know all about her. Also, why would she not be on the food channel when, DUH, she is cooking food. It’s like having a sports station for all the sports buffs out there. Everyone has their own taste and likes and you should just enjoy what you enjoy, and try to refrain from attacking someone just because you don’t happen to like them. Silence is golden, my friend. Haven’t you ever heard of that little platitude? Perhaps you have something else against her…maybe it’s time for you to do a little soul searching as to why a perfect stranger ruffles your feathers so badly.

Cincy 10.14.05 | 9:36 AM ET

Of course, Billy Bob, it’s Rachael Ray’s fault that most people in the U.S. are overweight!!! Thank you for reminding me.  I remember now that NOBODY in America was overweight until about 3 years ago when “30 Minute Meals” started on the Food Channel. I see now why people hate her so much!!

GET A LIFE!!!  You’re boring me!!

Bonnie 10.14.05 | 8:47 PM ET

Her recipes don’t (more than not) turn out good. How much brocolli rabe can I take. Grampa Emanual doesn’t satisfy me.

Billy Bob 10.14.05 | 10:17 PM ET

At least I took the time to read your posts.  A major contribution implies that it is her fault?  An imperfect stranger ruffles my feathers so badly because it is so much fun to ruffle your pathetic feathers.  And BTW it is my job to give people lives so I think I am doing just fine thank you.  And I am clearly not boring you.  You know how to shut someone up?  Don’t listen and their is no audience.  Much like I don’t know, cable television.  And I much prefer Robert the Redneck to bobby bobblehead

Billy Bob 10.14.05 | 10:27 PM ET

A post from
The woman who has done the most to convince the hapless that assembling prepared foods provides just as wholesome a meal and just as intellectually satisfying a learning experience as real cooking is Food Network host, cookbook author and inexplicable celebrity Rachael Ray. Ray’s background is not in cooking, but rather in promoting sales of prepared foods at upscale grocery stores. She has appeared in advertising for Burger King and is launching a new magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, this weekend. Her television programs and books promise “30 Minutes Meals” through assembly of store-bought prepared foods with a minimum of cooking. Ray regularly admits on the air that she is not particularly knowledgeable in cooking or baking, which I guess most viewers are supposed to see as being honest and forthcoming, though some bloggers strongly disagree.

Yet Ray is also clearly not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, either. Consider some of these recently aired “30 Minute Meals”: macaroni and cheese mixed with chopped hot dogs, with a dessert consisting of ice cream rolled in Cracker Jack; cream of mushroom casserole, with a cobbler made from frozen peaches and Bisquick; batter-fried “popcorn” chicken, mashed potatoes, and beef hash. Her meals are regularly high in fat, high in carbohydrates, and low in fruits and vegetables. The meals do not represent much improvement in nutrition from what can be found at casual-dining restaurants.

The reason is that most of what Ray makes are merely versions of the same high-fat, high-carb meals popular in casual-dining chains such as Applebee’s, TGI Friday’s, Chili’s and Ruby Tuesday. But the gimmick in preparing the meals in under 30 minutes is that most of the preparation involves assembly of prepared foods of various types, whether shredded cheese, canned sauces or sliced meats. These prepared foods may drastically increase the amount of sodium in the meal. In addition, most of Ray’s meals are sauteed at one point or another in olive oil (which she repeatedly and annoyingly refers to as “E.V.O.O.”—for “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”), an activity that is presented as some sort of virtue. Yes, olive oil has health benefits. But often olive oil in her meals is in addition to animal fats (whether in butter, cheese or milk; or in meat), and the total amount of fat in her meals is what is troublesome.

Furthermore, the point of gaining some sort of facility with cooking is to provide meals that are nutritious, delicious and cost-effective. Ray’s meals are certainly not nutritious, and I am dubious about how they taste and how much they really cost to make. Yet those who regularly watch her shows and buy her cookbooks are also not gaining any skills that will improve their facility with cooking, since so little real cooking actually takes place. Those who know how to cook can put together far more nutritious, delicious and cost-effective meals within similar time restraints and without resorting to the wholesale use of prepared foods. Yet these meals may not have the panache of a gussed-up appetizer at Applebee’s.

Good cooking day-in-day-out is usually quite basic: meats roasted, baked or grilled; and vegetables boiled. Cookies and pies can be baked over the weekend for use during the week. Cakes, which take much less time to put together, can easily be made for an evening meal. The cake goes in the oven first, and when it is finished, then it comes out to cool and the meat can go in. The skill in home cooking involves getting the basics right. No elaborate sauces (with their fats, carbohydrates and sodium) are needed if the foods are fresh to begin with and are properly cooked.

But somehow we have been convinced to disdain plain foods properly cooked. If food has to be smothered in salty-sweet-tangy sauces in order to taste good, if food has to have a processed, prepared, overly fatty, overly salty restaurant taste in order to be reckoned delicious, then the fake cooking promoted by Rachael Ray will continue to find a mass audience among those with no real knowledge of food. Ray’s “30 Minute Meals” are nothing more than “White Trash Cooking” for 21st-century yuppies.

Sadie 10.16.05 | 12:22 AM ET

While I find Ray annoying a lot of the time, I still watch her.  She is energetic and fun.  What’s the point of TV if not for enjoyment? And really, if your whole purpose in life is to bag on other people, then what kind of life do you really have?  I have made some of her recipes (and yes, I have bought a few of her books), and while they are not the best things I have ever made, they have made it into the regular rotation of meals in my house.  Personally, I think people are jealous of her success (I am too), but I wish her all the best!  Good for her!

Jesse 10.16.05 | 4:39 PM ET

I am not jealous of her. I just wonder why she has changed into a “vamp” character rather than the nice, girl-next-door image that was so inviting to me. I really don’t like the new voice, the dangling earrings, and the low cut blouses. That does not make the recipes better.

Shadeh Shirazi 10.16.05 | 6:52 PM ET

Rachael Ray is a great cook and her show is very useful many of us do not have much time to make dinner or lunch which is why her 30 minatue meals come in handy.  She knows what she is doing although she goes a little fast but I still believe she is a really good cook with great energy.  For everyone who is soo against her leave her alone and focus on your own life.

Jesse 10.16.05 | 8:37 PM ET

I do focus on my own life and I don’t enjoy watching the new vamp. That’s it! She doesn’t care.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 10.17.05 | 1:04 AM ET

First of all, if you don’t enjoy watching “the new vamp”, CHANGE THE CHANNEL…it’s as easy as that. Geeze, what’s up with people complaining about watching someone they hate as if they are tied to a chair and being forced to watch it?
I hardly noticed any change in her at all, except she might be looking a little more feminine, but vamp… no way.
Also, Jesse..I don’t know if you’re a male or female, but your comment about her not caring..that sounds a little bit sick, my friend. She is there to do a job and I’m sure she “cares” about her fans and appreciates their loyalty, but you sound as if she should look and sound and act according to your whims. Get a’s a tv show, it’s entertainment.
Once again, if you don’t like it, change the channel and watch whatever it is you do like.

Jesse 10.17.05 | 9:38 PM ET

I don’t watch her anymore! If I wanted to watch a vamp, I would go somewhere else. I don’t. AND she doesn’t care what we say. Do you really think she reads this stuff? Phfft.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 10.17.05 | 10:47 PM ET

I don’t really care if she reads this stuff or not. I got to this site accidentally, when I was searching for her official website. I couldn’t believe there was actually people who’s sole purpose in life, it seems, is to tear people down, simply because they don’t conform to their standards. I still don’t know if you’re female or male. If you’re female, you’re one sick chick, if you’re male, you’re one sick d***.
Miss Rae certainly doesn’t need me or anyone else to defend her. It’s obvious that she is well equipped to take care of herself. It’s just automatic with me to defend people who I feel are being treated unfairly, even if I don’t know them.
Also, pffft is equivalent to “whatever”, which to me means.. I can’t think of anything else to say in my defense so I’ll just say.. pfft. Sign of an empty mind, and a life that is so devoid of interest and love, all you can do is wander around to sites attacking people. I pity you.

Cincy 10.18.05 | 9:44 AM ET

Ditto, Sleepy.  I totally agree with you on that.

I got to this site because I was reading an article about Rachael Ray (a positive one) and it mentioned all the “hate Rachael” sites out there and provided a link to several which were dedicated to hating Rachael. I went to one and thought it was the funniest thing that people would actually create a site because they didn’t like someone on television. What a waste of time and energy!!! Then, I found this message board. Hilarious!!

Anyway, I’m done!!!  But I still think these people are hilarious. There are so many famous people that I don’t like so I DON’T WATCH THEM!!! Some people need to buy a clue!!!

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 10.18.05 | 10:42 AM ET

You know, I was reading your post, I was thinking. I’ll get serious here just for a moment.
The world today can be so frightening and people can be so cruel that whenever we can, we should say and do positive things to lighten it up for others, even if it’s someone we don’t know. My gosh, life can be so difficult to get through sometimes. Why make it more difficult for someone else and, in the process, harden our hearts even more? I know for a fact, whenever I do something for someone, a little random act of kindness, it makes my heart feel so good and keeps a smile on my face for a long time. I’d so much rather feel like that, than to feel a core of hardness in my heart. It also helps a lot to have love in your life. When you give love, it comes back to you. My life is full of love and happy activities.
When I do watch tv, I tend to watch light-hearted, funny shows.. situation comedies or biographies of famous people. I never watch violent shows because there’s enough of that in the world and on the news. So, why make it more of a steady diet by watching violent fiction? I don’t know, it’s so much easier for me to be happy, when I can make others happy. I’ve been called a Pollyanna before… lol and to me, that’s a high compliment.
*stepping down from my soapbox*
Ok, that’s it from me…
Take care Cincy and everyone, and have a great day and… (one of my favorite sayings)..Keep smiling, it makes everyone wonder what you’ve been up to. lol
Oh, maybe that’s why I like Rachael Ray so much. She’s such an upbeat person and puts a smile on My face. ~smiles~

Cincy 10.18.05 | 11:08 AM ET

So true. The woman makes me laugh out loud sometimes. She’s a riot.  You’re right about always smiling. I smile all the time because I refused not to. Life is too hard to be negative.

Jesse 10.18.05 | 12:07 PM ET

Speaking of clues and “getting a life” where would you all be if you didn’t get on this site all the time!!!!

KAREL 10.23.05 | 11:14 PM ET


lucy 10.23.05 | 11:18 PM ET

I have indifference towards Rachel Ray. Hating her means I actually care. Just leave the room if she is on.

Charlie 10.24.05 | 3:12 AM ET

If Rachael Ray were my daughter I would be very proud of her for her enthusiasm, and also the practical suggestions she provides for meal preparation, and economic travel. People who fault her for her methods are missing the point. And the ones that can’t stand her perky personality are either jealous of her success, or are too stunted in their own ability to express their own brilliance! Rachael is pitching a realistic alternative to eating from tin cans and frozen convienience foods.

Sarah 10.24.05 | 11:53 AM ET

To BillyBob Bumpkin: Get educated. Read the Good Book! You might learn something!

Cincy 10.24.05 | 12:43 PM ET

This is funny. Saw it in this morning’s NY Daily News:

When five of New York’s Finest showed up at an overcrowded Rachael Ray signing at Barnes &Noble; Thursday night, store managers panicked that the event would get shut down. Turns out the cops were there to buy her magazine “Every Day with Rachael Ray” and to meet their hero in person.

Cincy 10.24.05 | 12:44 PM ET

I guess my girl Rachael has more fans than enemies, in spite of those nasty websites!!!

Gerald 10.24.05 | 1:40 PM ET

I don’t deny that she is cute. I just say that she OVER exaggerates the modern lingo and hand movements (much like a 1st grader in a play). She just overdoes it and I liked her other self as a cute, perky common person showing how to make a 30-minute meal. The Peter Principle. Once you’ve got something good, overdo it!!!

Macktastic E. Trump 10.26.05 | 7:55 PM ET

Here is the reality.

Women hate her because their husbands cannot keep their eyes off her.
Men hate her because they are GAY, and wish they can be her.

Honestly, I have not met a straight man that has anything bad to say about Rachael.  The only down side is that she is now married (bad news for the rest of the male population).  Anyway, I know these comments will piss off a few people, so my suggestion is to worry about yourself, and not people that are on TV, because you really need a life!!!

Billy Bob 11.03.05 | 12:27 AM ET

Putting spagetti sauce on bread and calling it gnocchi.  Even you Raytards have to question that.  Hell, I can do a possum up real good on the barbecue pit. And Sarah, have you truly read the good book?  Slavery rape, murder, anger, hostility towards people who are different.  Get over yourself.  Yes we all came from Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.  And Raytard was their God.  Ever wonder where the books are from where our Savior was from his young days until his 30s?  Do you think our Savior was the only savior.  Many bibles have been written over the years but we Christians either killed them or buried their existence.  I think I have a fine education thank you much!  As Michael Corleone said in the only good line of Godfather 3 Everytime I try to get away from this site a stupid comment pulls me back in.  So hush a little and don’t incite me and I won’t post.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 11.03.05 | 9:32 AM ET

hmmm, talking about stupid comments drawing me back in, that’s exactly what keeps bringing me back here. I don’t camp out here, I just get notices when another comment has been posted and, out of curiousity, I check it out, and lo and behold, there you are, bobblehead, with another inane comment. You are an egotistical moron to the enth degree.
For the record, I am Italian and know exactly what gnocchi is and it takes a hell of a long time to make this dish. I’ve made them, and I don’t mind because I love to cook, and if there is a shortcut to cooking, with good results, I will take it every time. I’ve never seen Rachael put spaghetti sauce on bread and call it gnocchi, but if someone likes the idea of doing that, and it fits into their lifestyle, then Rachael is filling the bill.
As I’ve stated many times before, she is climbing on the charts of the food network and expanding and blasting further out into the food world and that means she has lots of fans, so no amount of Rachael bashing will dilute that fact. She has fans up the ying yang so get over it, bub. She doesn’t need or want your nod to gain the approval of an ever increasing amount of Rachael loving fans. I won’t tell you to put a sock in it, because obviously, your mouth is way too big to accommodate any now in existence. Just get a clue that Rachael is a winner and you, bubble breath, are a loser. The mature way to express your displeasure with someone is silence. I’m here to defend (not that she needs it); however, your purpose in life simply seems to be to bring down. That’s sad, bubba..very sad.

Sarah 11.03.05 | 10:07 AM ET

Like I said Billy Bob…read the Good Book…and read it good..dont skim over it! Otherwise you wouldnt be going back to the website so much!

karen 11.03.05 | 3:51 PM ET

Rachael is the cutest, wittest,
adorable girl to hit the airwaves
since MTM and Donna Reed. The green-eyed monster is still alive
and well. I wish her much success
and happiness with her shows and
personal life!!

Billy Bob 11.08.05 | 11:31 PM ET

If I want to read about slavery rape and murder I’ll watch the news.  I would imagine that you must like what they are doing in Kansas trying to get creationism into the school curriculum.  In Catholic School we were taught that do not take the bible literally as it was written by men to explain the mysteries of life to people.  Missionaries the truly annoying of the world having to tell others how to live when they are sheep who’ll follow Raytard.  Get into the kitchen and cook from scratch.  People like Miss Ray are not helping the Pandemic of obesity.

~sleepyeyes~ 11.09.05 | 10:36 AM ET

Change the needle,’re spouting the same old rhetoric and it’s getting old.
I take exception to the fact that I follow anyone or anything like sheep. I like Rachael, as I do many of the Food Network people and I choose to watch and make the recipes that I find. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to try. Sometimes I make them “as is” and sometimes I adlib and create my own. I do make most of my things from scratch, including my own bread, and I don’t use a bread machine. I get right in there and knead that dough and get my frustrations out while I’m punching at it. The result is a very happy entourage of family and friends who stream to our door to sample the latest batch of sleepy’s creations and new “tries”. I’m already beginning to make my Thanksgiving menu and, as every year, it will be probably too much, and the “wrong” things to eat, but we should celebrate being thankful for the good things in our life and what better way than to splurge on things we must avoid the rest of the year, for health’s sake and, of course, to attend a church of our choice, or simply to give thanks at our table for the good things God has bestowed on us.
I, as many of Rachael viewers do, have a mind of my own. If she is making something that I feel is detrimental to my health, I won’t make it, or I will make changes to make it more healthy. You are the sheep, my friend..trying to herd your fellow “haters” with nonsensical dribble. Meanwhile, Rachael is laughing all the way to the bank and enjoying the loyal following that she does have.
By the way, I watched snippets of her wedding and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Even my husband likes her and we both think she is full of life and love and the most wonderful, positive personality. Something we need more of in this world, not “downers” like you. Get a clue…negativism is what is bringing out country down; bringing the world down. We need more positive people in this life, those who will find a solution, not just make critical comments.
Solution to your “problem”? TURN THE CHANNEL!!!! and allow those who enjoy what you don’t enjoy, to enjoy it in peace and smiles.
Peace, out!!!

Sarah 11.09.05 | 11:20 AM ET

BBBumpkin, I see you set aside this time to humiliate yourself in public! You have missed your calling ,bub…you should have been a fictitious writer and go to another website to complain or wait a minute, here is a lump of concrete to bang your head against. That might help.  In others words get a life! Change the remote!

Billy Bob 11.10.05 | 10:48 PM ET

Well good for you.  And I don’t watch so take your tired lame “change the channel” and go stop worrying about me.  Go read the good book.

Billy Bob 11.10.05 | 10:49 PM ET

I wouldn’t classify you as sheep but I did get your goat.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 11.11.05 | 10:22 AM ET

Au Contraire, Billy Bob…this is a site for defense of Rachael Ray and when I get notice in my email that there is a response to my, or someone else’s post, I come to check it out and put in my opinion, as you do. You are a hoot. You’re entertaining, in a miniscule way, with your pathetic remarks and slurs against Rachel and others.
Get my goat? lol..I’m a very calm, optimistic person and it takes a lot more than an inane post from someone like you to raise my hackles. I have better things in my life than to let pathetic comments get to me.
Right now, I am excidely planning my Thanksgiving menu, some of which will include Rachael fare..*G* and decorating and looking forward to seeing the smiles and the enjoyment of my family and friends on that beautiful day. I hope you have something to be thankful for, my friend and not just things to complain about. *S* If you don’t, I truly pity you.

sarah 11.11.05 | 12:57 PM ET

BBBumpkin, I dont know what youre problem is but I bet its hard to pronounce however, I realize small minds sure can have big attitudes! One other item, if it werent for bad taste YOU wouldnt have any at all!! I am really sorry I disturbed your stupor. I might add also that sleepy eyes certainly has you pegged- to the inth!!!! Enjoy a meal with might help your attitude.

Billy Bob 11.12.05 | 11:49 AM ET

“excidely” and I am the simple minded one.  Yes I would vehemently disagree to the fact that I am entertaining. This is pointless and boring.  Picking on a defenseless “Raytard” is enough for me to go to eternal damnation. Just the fact that you have opened yourself up for spam galore and internet idiots by admitting that this is a valid e-mail address you have shows the simplemindedness of you and my encouraging you just makes me as simple as you.  Please don’t do things like that because people will take advantage of you.  I wish you and your families a blessed holiday season.

Rebecca Barry 11.14.05 | 1:52 AM ET

Hi—-Rachel Ray is a chef who relates to the everyday cooking needs of the busy person. Her recipes are extremely realistic, simple and practical.  However,  on her Thanksgiving show she made a stuffed turkey breast.  It was, true to her simple ways, easy.I don’t know how to find the recipe for the stuffed turkey breast on her Thanksgiving show. The ingriedents were, I believe parsley and sage but I don’t remember…any other ingriedents. I would like to see the recipe. The ingriedents were chopped in a food processor Then stuffed under the skin of the breast.I must tell you that finding any of her 30 minute recipes is difficult can you please help?? Thanks.  Rebecca Barry

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 11.14.05 | 9:38 AM ET

Just go to
Scroll down a little ways on the left until you see a box next to “Select a Show”. Scroll down that box until you come to 30 minute meals. Click on that and it will bring you to all her shows. Just scroll through them until you find the one for the epidisode or the recipe that you want. I spent a while last night gathering a lot of good ideas for Thanksgiving from the food network. I save the recipes and print them out. I have quite a file now. lol
I enjoyed the show you’re referring to and I plan on making those recipes soon for a nice Sunday dinner. I can’t imagine not having a big ol’ bird and all the fixings for the holiday. I could never go the “shortcut” route simply because I love to cook. *S* My husband has to constantly remind me..that if I don’t curtail what I make, there won’t be room in the two fridges to hold everything, even though we send everyone home with care packages. *S*
Anyway, I hope you find it easier to get Rachael’s recipes now. Good luck.

Courtney Colaizzi 11.20.05 | 11:47 AM ET

Keep the negativity coming, I say. You know that you’re a star when people have a negative website about you!
I find it interesting that the RayRay “haters” protest her, yet, they watch her show long enough to scrutinize her wardrobe, mispronounciations, ingreidents, and all of those other things that makes her HUMAN. Then again, we are talking about the same folks who have web journals that list their daily agenda’s:(1) Take Zoloft at 1pm, (2)D&D web tournament at 4, (3)Watch Rachel Ray at 5, (4) Bash her at 6…
The “Rachel Ray Sucks” website is the biggest cry for help that I’ve seen, rivaling the pro-anorexia website, of course. 
Rachel is a real person, making real food, in real time. So, we won’t find her challenging Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America any time soon. Big deal. She’s a good cook with an brilliant TV persona. She has proven herself, and deserves a little credit. And, if Rachel Ray doen’t appeal to your pallate, then shut up and don’t watch her. Oh, if this blog made ya mad… don’t forget your Zoloft at 1pm!

pissed 11.20.05 | 1:32 PM ET


Kevin 11.20.05 | 2:05 PM ET

Some of you,tell the people that make fun of RR,to get a life,and to change the channel if she bothers you so much.Well,for some it is entertaining to watch for all of her obnoxious, annoying,mannerisms,and post their observations on a RR sucks web site.Now,I myself have nothing against her,but I do find some of the comments to be hillarious.Becouse their true.Big deal.So I think some of you need to pull your pink panties out of your ass and get a sense of humor.Lighten up!

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 11.21.05 | 1:27 PM ET

The term “sense of humor” is relative. There are people who laugh at those who fall, people who laugh at people who have birth defects. To me, people who find humor in showing hatred of a person they don’t even know, simply because they don’t fit into their concept of what they think a “perfect person” should be, and trying to spread that hatred, should be placed at the bottom of the food chain. This site is called In Defense of Rachael Ray and that is what her followers and admirers do when they come here. We are simply trying to counteract the growing trend to show hatred in a world that has way too much of it already. Instead of attacking those who try to dilute the negativity, why don’t you, Kevin, add your energy to those who are doing their best to dilute this hatred. I’m not even defending Rachael anymore. She is doing great and doesn’t need anyone to defend her. But, I’m constantly amazed at people who continue to see humor in bringing someone down, or trying to. I’ve always been told what a fantastic sense of humor I have, but I don’t waste it on belittling others. If something can hurt someone else, there is no humor in that, whatsoever. That’s only for the immature and those with a weak character.

whogivesaholyhell 11.22.05 | 4:02 AM ET

the haters do nothing but help rr. the only reason she stays on tv and gets more shows is because you haters tune in to watch and shes laughing all the way to the bank. so keep watching and keep getting online and talking about her. theres no such thing as bad publicity

norah 11.29.05 | 12:03 AM ET

Oh good lord. To all the haters,why can’t anyone change the channel anymore? It’s getting sickening how those who hate Rachael and complain about her seem to know the most about the girl. There are much worse things in life to get upset about. Get over it,and get over yourselves.

Mike Dennis 11.30.05 | 8:57 PM ET

For the haters and lovers, there is no doubt that she has had tremendous success in the TV Food and Cook Book world.  Now she will have a shot to play with the big boys & girls with a national talk-show next Fall.  She’s a star in the cable universe, but can she make it in the national TV world against Dr. Phil, Ellen, Regis & Kelly and Martha Stewart.  The talk-show graveyard is littered with big fish from small ponds (Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller, Dr. Laura, Richard Simmons, Susan Powder, Martin Short, etc.)  whose talk-shows never made it in the real (broadcast) TV world. 

The cards are stacked in her favor when it comes to the company and people backing her (Oprah Winfrey & King World).  I want to know what her national show will be about.  Is it a cooking, lifestyle or celebrity driven show.  She seems to be a young Martha Stewart with a lot more personality (that some of you seem to dislike).  I guess we will see if the haters get the last laugh or will this site carry-on past her 3 year deal and an option year.

Mr. Nice 12.03.05 | 4:55 PM ET

It’s pretty simple. Anyone who loves cooking, I mean really loves cooking and food will by default hate RR’s cooking style. She’s not a cook and it’s glaringly obvious. I can’t imagine anyone actually thinking she is a “star”. That is a get-a-life moment, she a PR machine, phoney and glossed over as the pages in her “cookbooks”. Besides, her 15 minutes will be over soon.

I watch her more in the hopes that she will actually gin up a dish that I would be proud to serve, rather than fake her way through another show.

She lacks the sincere desire to enjoy and prepare good food like Graham Kerr or Julia Child did. They introduced America to fine food and good cooking with style, grace and sincerity. RR’s just a compensatory narcissist who will do whatever her boss tells her to do to feed the mess that is her PR machine.

I’m also waiting for her to not like something, maybe admit that her 30MM whatever didn’t come out as well as she had planned, which is often. Doesn’t it make you the slightest bit suspicious that she LOOOOVES everything? Substituting “perky” for “love of food” on a cooking show is a sad commentary about what passes for food—and culture—in America this year.

I think people can’t change the channel because there is no other FoodTV. I’d rather watch PBS cooking line up honestly. And don’t forget RR has FIVE shows on FoodTV. Overexposure will sink this Al Roker of cooking shows.

I secretly suspect that the “haters” of RR are lovers of good food and good cooking. And the people who call them that are thin-skinned jackasses who’ve never used “EVOO” and use ketchup in pasta sauce.

Like Dr. Phil, she’s not really good at what she does, style comes before substance, and PR towers well above it all. Probably why this country’s in the mess we’re in right now.

Mission Accomplished.

Mr. Nice 12.03.05 | 5:06 PM ET

Oh yeah, her show is a celeb/lifestyle talk show, very little cooking, a telling detail showing little confidence in her “cooking” skills. If you’re dumb enough to watch her shows - me included- you’ll be dumb enough to watch her talk about drapes w/Ashlee Simpson. 

You think anyone who signs off on RR’s checks would eat/buy anything she recommended? Get real. They don’t care what she’s doing, they’ve got enough $$ to have taste. So why should I care?

Enough already. I’m going out for dim sum.

Jane 12.13.05 | 1:45 PM ET

I really don’t understand how anyone could hate Rachael. 
She isn’t overly perky. She is just a happy person. Is it wrong to be happy?  Does everyone have to be miserable.  And she isn’t much of a vamp.  She wears simple outfits, t-shirt and jeans.  That isn’t so vampy.  anyway, it is strange to spend so much time hating someone.  Be happy!

Ronzoni 12.18.05 | 11:53 PM ET

I thought Rachael was a lesbo in the early shows. She had such a manly way of gesturing and moving around. Now, she looks like a lunatic wacko with her arms swinging around wildly. She is like a wide ass/hipped nerd who hit the celebrity lottery. I can’t wait for the rags to start ripping on her and for them to parody her on Saturday Night Live. That will be sweet! She should have shut her pie hole instead of continuing to screech out the same old tired lines: “evoo, eyeball it, how good does that look, oh-yeah” etc. She is just begging to be torn a new a-hole, and judgement day is a coming. My favorite show was when she was salsa dancing and raised both arms to reveal huge manly pools of persperation under each arm…YUM-O!

Informed 12.19.05 | 3:53 PM ET

People who hate RR are invariably frustrated angry people.
There are no happy and successful people taking the energy to despise RR.
Ray is ebullient and high on life and that rankles misanthropic people no end.

Ronzoni 12.19.05 | 8:23 PM ET


Judging by the looks on the celebrities faces Raytard was steamrolling over in every conversation, I would beg to differ. I think plenty of people are turned off her tacky abrasive style, and would like to see her big monkey butt take a fall. We are just verbalizing what a lot of people are thinking. Don’t worry, the once seemingly down-to-earth, unpretentious RR style will soon reveal itself as uneducated, brash, and obnoxious. She needs to tone down the carnival barking and quit flailing those arms around. And, a nice manicure for those man hands wouldn’t hurt. I would also recommend some conditioner, and pants that aren’t sprayed on. RR needs to cut back on the caffeine and start acting like a lady, instead of a wild Orangutan. “NICE!”

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 12.20.05 | 12:54 AM ET

You hit the proverbial nail on the head. It’s always nice to see some intelligent person slipping through the keyhole of this site, and shedding some light into the darkness.

Sweetp 01.03.06 | 11:43 PM ET

I love Rachael Ray. For all those people on the Rachael Ray sucks website, get a damn life! And if you don’t like her, don’t watch her. You obviously needed something to talk about. And if you don’t like her perkyness, you must be an angry, sad, lonely soul. Sorry for ya’! And I saw some of the pictures of the people on that website, they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Rachael on the other hand is adorable. And if think what she’s making is too much or “unhealthy”, don’t make it! People are funny, they will complain about something, but just can’t seem to let it go. Maybe you should try being more like her and you would’nt have to spend your whole life in front of the computer on a “haters” website.
Keep smiling and being perky Rach! We love you!!!!!!:):):)

2 Cent 01.06.06 | 7:17 PM ET

I’m not a hater, or really care if Rachel Ray is on T.V. or not. However, I have to say my wife and I used to watch Food Network more, before she was on. I did not know there was a hate crew out there, but I have to say she is way over the top obnoxious and I cannot bear to watch her show at all anymore. It was o.k. when i thought she would not be on during,well all of the time. I like EVERYBODY else on the network and would watch their shows, but you can tell her knowledge is amatuer at best compared to the rest of the lineup, I doubt she has anything tod o with her cook book other than posing for the spread.

I would like real chefs with real experience that are not the most annoying people on the planet, you know, somone who makes you want to watch.

Comman Man 01.06.06 | 7:24 PM ET

Please, if another person claims Rachel Ray is hot, or people are jealous of her because she is hot I will go crazy. I am a 30 yr old male, average looks, and I know a hot girl when I see one…Rachel Ray looks like a Mutant Dora the Explorer. Her stomach is bigger than her b**bs, she has the hips and thighs of a Centauer, and honestly the show 30 minute meals is the success here, not Rachel. People want to learn a recipe that is quick to make, this was not here idea, they could put anybody else in there and it could be a nice show-Im not necessarily a Rachel Hater, but dude, she is not hot at allRating: 8 beers and she would look O.K.

Mike Dennis 01.30.06 | 9:06 PM ET

Mr. Nice refers to her 15 minutes may soon to be over.  Maybe you have not tracked her success over the past few years.  Her 15 minutes have expanded into a good week.  The Food Network DID NOT want to let RR out of her 4 Food Network shows because they are successful. But King World and Oprah Winfrey made a few deals with the Food Network and RR is now the most anticipated syndicated show of the 2006 Fall Season.  That’s NOT me talking that was a TV station group head as reported in “Broadcasting & Cable” (a television trade magazine). 

I will say that RR is not what I want to watch on TV, but you cannot argue with her track record and ratings success.  I notice the “haters” all talk about what they do not like about her and dismiss her success.  I’m sorry to say to you that millions (yes millions) of people watch her shows and buy her products.  She is a STAR in the cable universe.  Will she be a star in the broadcast TV universe?  Who knows, but I can safely say she has had and will have a lot more success in this genre than all you “haters” combined.

Keep those emails coming…

Ronzoni 01.30.06 | 11:11 PM ET

Maybe you like some bossy little troll barking commands at you, but have you ever made any of her slop? She needs to write another cookbook: How to smell like a hot dog stand with my basic three ingredients: garlic, onions and CHEESE. She is full of feel good talk, but her recipes SUCK. I dare you to make ANYTHING she has raved about and not be disappointed. She is a giant bag of air, with no substance. Rayhole is full of oohs and aahs, because she is so amused by her own idiocy. She repeats her inane quips over and over to try to be amusing to the dolts of the world. She desperately wants to be an actress, but she is just an ASStress. “Look everyone, I just took an awesome shit, look at that! See how the little bits of garlic and onion are running all through it? How good does that look?!”

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 01.31.06 | 5:59 PM ET

Anyone who can write as you do, or should I say..put words on paper, as you do, is just showing how ignorant, inarticulate and “without a clue” they actually are.
I have made many of her recipes. I love to cook and I am always looking for new and easy recipes to serve to my family and friends. The fact that I have people streaming to my home to sample my latest dishes is a testement to the recipes and where I get the recipes from. There are some of Rachel’s recipes that I dismiss, simply because they may be a little too rich, but most of them I find appealing to the everyday lifestone of the common person.
Apparently, you expect perfection just because a person is in the public eye. My one, including you, are perfect. Diversity is the best part of life. We are able to see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, associate with whom we want to associate and no one forces us to do otherwise. So, instead of feeling you need to share and justify your dark, negative feelings about someone you don’t even know, why don’t you put that energy into something more positive. I’ve stated many times before..the world can be a cruel one..when you meet St. Peter, don’t you want the list on the side of helping people to be longer than the list of hurting them?
Thankfully, Rachel doesn’t have to rely on morons like you to keep her success going. She doesn’t even know your please, crawl back into your hole. ~smiles~

Ronzoni 01.31.06 | 7:44 PM ET

Get used to the criticism, Rayhole will be getting a good tune-up from Saturday Night Live, any day now. I cannot wait.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 01.31.06 | 10:49 PM ET

Ha!!! That is so laughable..SNL is a great show and to even be “honored” by being recognized on that show is a big deal. I’m looking forward to seeing that and I’d be willing to bet that so is Rachel. Some of the biggest names have been “honored” by SNL, so that means she’s “moving on up”...
In addition to that, can you say…FARSICAL SATIRE? roflmao….
look it up!!!
Thanks for the funniest part of my really felt good to laugh so hard. lol

kelbel 02.27.06 | 7:36 PM ET

I cant believe Im taking the time to do this but it looks like Im not the first person to waste their life on spouting off on a meaningless topic… If you are a Rachel Ray hater, go get yourself a hobby. How about cooking? If you do cook and still hate Rachel Ray, good for you. Obviously you aren’t that creative or talented if you have to put down others who try new things. If you dont cook, and hate her, go learn first then you may start to understand just who and what you are trashing. GET A LIFE!

k1 02.28.06 | 6:20 PM ET

I can’t believe I read all these posts. Shows how much I don’t want to be at work. Anyway, my two cents:

My biggest problem with RayRay is that she’s not a chef. Never got trained, not any better than you or me. ANYONE can put together hot dogs and mac ‘n cheese, or hot dogs and cole slaw (what’s up with her obsession with hot dogs, anyway?). She can’t explain what the ingredients do and insists that nutmeg+chicken stock+EVOO= food of the gods. I mean, Sara Moulton used to be able to make a meal in 30, and not make it look like it would clog an artery. It seems that for every “Good Eats,” where Alton shows you why recipes work the way they do (you know, explaining the food), and how you can personalized them for yourself, there’s another show from RayRay spouting off about making cheeseburger salad with yellow mustard vinagrette.

Her popularity on FN I think caters to the basest instincts of her fans. Fans that are too lazy to wash their own spinach, or opening a can and covering everything in cheese. The sizzle over the steak, if you will. I actually have a problem with FN about this one. I mean, the network USED to have shows by trained CHEFS cooking REAL food, showing new ideas. And their entertainment shows were hosted by other chefs talking about how they saw things (like, say, Anthony Bourdain’s old show). Now, save for Good Eats, the night is full of RayRay, sugar sculptures and more RayRay. Do I still watch FN? Reluctantly. It’s the only game in town right now. If I get home early enough I’d rather watch Lidia Bastianich or America’s Test Kitchen or Ming Tsai. Hopefully I can watch shows about the food and not about some twit having a foodgasm over every bite of undercooked chicken she eats.

k1 02.28.06 | 6:23 PM ET

And as for why I watched her in the past, I kinda enjoyed watching her to bash her. Has anyone ever watched a bad movie for the sole purpose of bashing it (Ang Lee’s “The Hulk” did it for me)?

A little childish? Probably. Doesn’t mean I’m any less of a person. Sometimes I just laugh at things that other people don’t

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 02.28.06 | 6:47 PM ET

Rachel Ray is the first person to say, herself, that she is not a chef. She cooks food that comes from her memories of her childhood.
Yes, she cooks like you and least me..I love to cook and she inspires me all the time with new recipes. But who is up there getting the big bucks? Are you? No!!! Rachael is, not only because of her cooking but she has one hell of a personality. She’s definitely a people person and it shows. I can’t watch her without having a big smile on my face, she’s so adoreable and my husband thinks so, as well…personality-wise, as well as cute as a button.
I’ve seen her cook foods that, in the past, take a long time. She just finds way to whittle the time down for the times we live in. We all have very busy lives and any shortcuts here and there are greatly me, anyway.
I am one of many, I’m sure, who take offense to your statement about being too lazy to wash our own spinach. It says right on the bag, pre-washed, washing is needed..another time saver. I still give mine a quick wash just for the heck of it. It makes me feel better. But it’s the companies who package the items who are attempting to make life easier for people. As far as macaroni and cheese. That’s one of the favorite comfort foods there is. If anyone, with a degree or no degree, can come up with an easier, less time consuming way to make it,or jazz it up a little to make it a little different, I say..more power to them. If you want it the simple way, or prefer to make a lighter a search on the net and I’m sure you’ll be accommodated.
Variety is the spice of life. How dull it would be if all we had were Emeril or Lydia or any one of the
“trained chefs” on the food network. I love the two of them, and I love Sara, but I wouldn’t want a steady diet of one or two of them.
From what I see, Rachael cooks for the everyday person, nothing gourmet..just down home cooking. If you like that sort of food, watch it. If you don’t, then watch someone else. But I fail to see the humor or the reasoning behind bashing anyone just because you disagree with them. Yes, it is very childish and I, for one, never watch a movie I hate just to bash it. It’s a complete waste of time. I’d rather watch something I love and enjoy it. To get our jollies from laughing at people makes no sense whatsoever to me and hopefully, you will some day mature and see the reasoning behind this.
Just from seeing her all over the food network, all her shows, her books, her magazine, her upcoming talk show..that alone says it loud and clear. Here is a person that is liked by the multitude. So, you don’t have to like her or anyone, but geeze..that is no reason to bash someone. *walks away shaking my head*...I’ll never understand that mentality,if I live to be 200.

k1 03.01.06 | 10:30 AM ET

Maybe we can agree to just be two different people then. Maybe I do enjoy “snarking” on things I don’t like. It kinda releases the rest of the stress a workout doesn’t. Back to RayRay, I honestly don’t care how much money she makes or if she’s cute or not (personally, I prefer Giada). I just don’t like her in the kitchen. If the rest of America is willing to lap up whatever she says and does, fine. I’ll be perfectly content watching PBS. Mario Batali, maybe not the most physically attractive chef out there, I think is a genius. I could watch him or Ming Tsai all day. Maybe I’m just lamenting on what FN used to be versus what it is now. It did used to be a steady diet of trained chefs. I enjoyed it. I culled ideas from it. It wasn’t personality driven, it was food driven. If I wanted to see someone like me cook, I’d call up my old college roommate, or I’d go visit my co-worker. I figure watching cooking shows should be about broadening horizons and showing ingredients and concepts unfamiliar to most. IMO, what RayRay does is the exact opposite. She appeals to what you already know and are familiar with. She teaches you nothing along the way. If it floats your boat, fine. Not mine.

~*sleepy~eyes*~ 03.01.06 | 12:22 PM ET

You, sir or madam, are of a very superficial nature..e.g.
“maybe not the most physically attractive chef out there” (speaking of Mario)
I, who instantly see beyond the surface find him very attractive. I’m very glad to be the kind of person I am, who can’t even remember, if someone asks me what kind of clothing a person had on. It’s the voice, the character within it, the humor within it (albeit, not a cutting humor)and the kindness shown that grabs me every time. Damned whatever the outter packaging may be. I truly pity people like you who, most times, can’t get past the obvious and refuse to see the light within.
Go on with your petty life..and, as you say..whatever floats your boat. One more thing..each person we meet or see teaches us something. However, sometimes there are some who are too blind to see it, or refuse to. Once again, they can’t see beyond the tip of their own nose. How sad!

Heidi 03.06.06 | 7:40 PM ET

I was Rachael’s sous chef at the Sobe Food and Wine Festival in South Beach Florida, and I found Rachael to be extremely personable as well as knowledgable.  As far as cooking goes, we all have to start somewhere!  And Rachael has come a long way.  I can’t stand that people draw conclusions about people when they don’t really know them.  I heard the rumors about her, but went to work with her having an open mind—and again, she was great.  Just think, she turned a grocery store demonstration job into a fabulous career—kudos to you Rachael.  My dream is to follow in her footsteps.

sarah 03.06.06 | 8:15 PM ET

Well said, Sleepy-Eyes!

tired of the insults 03.08.06 | 6:42 AM ET

A person states their opinion and it is “sad”. To be so negative about someones opinion shows a lack of respect for other people and what they see.  I would wholeheartedly disagree with petty.  You see beyond the surface because you cut the person open with your insults.  Relax just a little and don’t be a hater.  Let the people who are jhealous do the insulting.  A person comfortable in their own skin cares nothing about what other people say but goes out and takes what they want.

oh come on 03.21.06 | 5:05 PM ET

why do we have to be so perfect?
She is different and not a chef expert. Right now I am watching Michael Chiarello and eating frozen pizza. We can’t cook like these chefs, especially Martha Stewart, we don’t have the time. And
I learned how to make lasagna with Ziti pasta, Avocado dip, fish taco, and other recipes by watching Rachael Ray. And when I was using Chicken stock, it was my first time I heard from my mom saying, “mmmm, something smell good.” because my mom always said “ugh, what you burning, something smell burnt.”

So give her a break…  she inspired me to do something you love to do and be creative… not have to be perfect like MarthaStewartboringshowzzzz.

sweetpatoot 04.07.06 | 6:36 PM ET

RR is an irritating ugly fat geek.

Happy Pants 04.19.06 | 6:08 PM ET

1) RayRay’s nasal midwestern-tourist voice is WAY annoying, granted.

2)She IS cute as a button. Of come on. She is a living doll!

3)While her recipes don’t appeal to me in general, I have learned some great kitchen shortcuts watching her 30 Minute Meals show.

That is really the extent of my RayRay commentary.

Good Eats Fan 05.20.06 | 10:07 AM ET

Hey sleepy eyes, isn’t there a Da Vinci Code message board you should be posting on? I think you need to get a life. Obviously the people who can’t stand RR are the minority. I’m pleased that you are such a fan that you spend hours writing long posts defending her. I’m glad that you like her disgusting food and her even more sickening schtick. Every time I hear her “raspy man voice” and see that revolting crooked smile I want to vomit, not cook. Of course people like her, that’s why she has 5 shows on FN. But does that mean she’s any good at what she does? No, it doesnt. People also liked George Bush (and I’m sure you do too, the way you drool your religious beliefs over everyone who posts something you dont like). So do us all a favor, since there are plenty of people who LOVE Revolting Rachael, don’t take it so personally when someone like me doesnt like her. If I could guess I’m sure you should be eating Lean Cuisine anyways.

Sarah 05.20.06 | 11:40 AM ET

BillyB Tsk, Tsk!  Do you have to stoop so low? That just shows what your real character is…just like the dark world! for shame! and all for Rachel…

Former Fany 05.22.06 | 12:31 PM ET

I have jumped ship and no longer watch 3

I used to think she was great, now she is so overexposed and so… shrill!  I was channel surfing the other day and caught her on some Oprah show where she used a foil covered brick atop a sandwich on a charcoal grill to simulate a panini maker and you would have thought she had found a cure for cancer.

Somewhere along the line her recipes lost their appeal. Maybe she is just running out of steam and should find another theme besides “30 Minute Meals.”  Personally, her recipes just don’t seem appetizing anymore.

And why, oh why, call it “EVOO” if *every single time* you are going to immediately tail it with the explanation of “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”?  Why the myriad of cute names for foods, such as “sammies”? The contrived giggle. Ugh. Yes, I once found her adorable, but now it’s very apparent that SHE finds herself adorable. And that’s a no-no.

Engleball Humpydick 06.19.06 | 5:45 PM ET

Uh, wow….......

I always thought that Rachael Ray was a 10 year old boy making afternoon snacks for kids on that “30 minute meals” show.

Well, a 10 year old boy with a bubble butt.

J.Glass 06.22.06 | 10:25 PM ET

Ok, one of the problems with Rachel Ray (i’m hoping you all noticed) is that she never, ever, washes her meat. Yuck! And then people start to wonder how they get sick? Who would agree that one should ALWAYS wash their meat? I just can’t believe my eyes everytime I see her unwrap the meat, seasons it without washing. Don’t get me wrong, I like her shows and watch them but this is wrong, just wrong.

cupcake 08.03.06 | 9:03 AM ET

I’ve never understood the Rachael Ray haters, especially the ones who say her food is crap or is unhealthy.  They act like cooking with extra virgin olive oil is some sort of sin, apparently because heating the oil makes it less healthy, and then go on to praise Giada di Laurentiis, who (gasp) ALSO cooks with extra virgin olive oil on a regular basis.  Personally I find Giada, Alton Brown, Anthony Bourdain, and the other constantly-praised-by-Rachael-haters chefs boring and annoying.  Give me Rachael any day rather than yet another show with Alton Brown adding unnecessary steps to recipes any idiot could do in their sleep.

JAnn 08.15.06 | 9:06 PM ET

Has everyone read the article in the August issue of Goodhousekeeping? If you read the intire article, you’ll want to re-read it just to make sure Rachael really says these things.
First, she storms out of a New York restaurant/hotel because they would not open early for her. She screamed “WE ARE LEAVING”
Next she says she will NOT TOLERATE quiet or reserved people.  Well Rachael, Your overexposed and you just dug your grave.  You are arrogant and spoiled.  And I for one, will no longer tolerate YOU!!!

violet 09.22.06 | 2:00 PM ET

You don’t need to hate Rachael Ray to find her annoying, and you don’t need to watch her t.v. or travel shows to find her annoying; you can see her mug on commercials when flipping through channels.  I agree that her body is nothing to write home about, and the clothes she wears don’t conceal much of her somewhat pear-shaped body (and, that’s not a knock—if people are attracted to that, I’m sure it’s very pleasant to watch her).  There’s no question that her jargon is NOT geared towards adults, and of course a setting where children are involved will garner her positive ratings.  Her recent and escalating fame isn’t a surprise to me, but I find her condescending and superficially interested in her travel shows, and jargon-y on her cooking shows.  While I don’t begrudge her (or anybody) her success, she’s just cloying and needlessly enthralled with herself which isn’t typical of any adult on t.v. that’s trying to reach an like-minded audience.  I don’t think the conclusion that anybody “hates” RR need be made; I don’t think the leap from “hate” to jealousy need be made, either.  She definitely holds appeal for a certain audience, and I happen to not be part of the demographic who wants to watch her giggle at her faux pas, offer truly unneccessary (and often inaccurate) historical food “facts,” create words that are based on melding two words together (immature), and a level of enthusiasm which is other-worldly.  If people find that endearing, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Nobody else from the food network has an entire “sux” site, so that should offer a glimmer into the number of non-fans, and it’s always for the same reasons.

bizit 10.14.06 | 1:42 PM ET

Regardless of her credentials or lack of credentials, I had a personal experience with RR at a supermarket while she was doing a demonstration.  I had watched her prepare her 30 minute meals and like others thought they were great for a busy mother.  Anyway, I greeted her face-to-face and told her I enjoyed her show, etc.  She never looked at me, had a sour puss on her face and barked “here’s the recipe” and continued to not look at me.  Local DJ’s have relayed their stories having worked with her and claim she was snotty to everyone except the boss.  I think these things reveal her true character.  Supposedly, when she prepared food, she only shared with the bosses and not her co-workers.  What does that tell you?

sunflower 10.22.06 | 5:36 AM ET

well i wanted to say that I agree that she has become annoying.  I watch her for the first time on Oprah.  and she was a little calmer then.  Her voice is so annoying and she is so unorganized that it’s not even funny.  when ever she reaches in to her draws to look for a can opener of spoon she can’t find it.  can’t she pay someone to help her with that maybe call Martha Stewart and the recipes she makes is really for people who are lazy and don’t appreciate good food.  I mean when she had Dr. Phil on her show and criticized his 1 pan cooking recipe she had to be insane to make her own version.  She cannot cook!!!!!!!!

Rachael Makes Me Sick 11.13.06 | 12:32 AM ET

In her defense, she can read the directions on how to make Macaroni and Cheese. You have to understand that while you can use a remote control to get away from her, there shouldn’t be a reason that she now accounts for about 8 TV shows on the Food Network. There are plenty of other personalities that should have more shows or introduce some new personalities. She is not a chef. She admitted that tonight on ICA when she battled Giada. Errr. Bobby vs Mario since the two ladies were so clueless on how to cook anything with a cranberry in it. Just watching Rachael spend 20 minutes on a kurd was painful, but not as painful as watching Giada needing Bobby’s help in emptying a food processor that she jammed up by overfilling. Tonights ICA would have been much funner if there had been no IC’s helping them and the secret ingredient is bologna or bacon or something. Then, Rachael Ray, errr Pig or Slut or anything the other website calls her, could combine two of her “how to cook something in 30 minutes” episodes to beat Giada, assuming the judges aren’t interested in creativity or flavor.

I didn’t really “hate” Rachael until today. I’ve watched/tolerated her for a long time. I think Food Network had taken down their forum because of all the negativity surrounding Rachael. I somehow don’t understand why no one has figured her out (except for the haters, of course), that to cook something in 30 minutes or less, that she has practiced what she’s preparing AND has a well-stocked fridge & pantry that has just what she needs. On ICA tonight, she brought a huge pile of things from the fridge because it wasn’t organized properly for her. She did waste a lot of time (like Giada). Tonight’s show was 90 minutes in length so we could see more of the battle, or stumbling. While Emeril and Bobby can be irritating at times, I would have to say that Rachael is equally irritating. At least, Rachael is a little more useful than Sandra (I can’t cook from scratch) Lee. I mean, Sandra is only irritating because she refuses to cook period. I’m sure there are viewers out there that can’t cook either and would love to fake cooking anything. That’s why there’s take out food.

I would agree with the one lady that says her 5 year old son just loves Rachael. First of all, at that young of age, you can’t fault him for his lack of good reasoning. I would fault the mother. At least, he’s not watching the faggoty Sponge Bob like my nephew (faggot in the making) did at his age.

I would hope that the execs at Food Network will change some of their shows. Alton Brown is very entertaining, Bobby Flay (when not being a jerk), and Michael Chiarello (Napa Style) is interesting. Ming’s Quest was a good show. In fact, there have been a lot of good shows that have come and gone. Two Fat Ladies, Naked Chef, etc. I hope they replace ms perky on some of her shows, especially the ones that demonstrate her lack of ability in the kitchen and put her on the travel shows.


rachael makes me sick 11.13.06 | 12:42 AM ET

Giada, a real chef? You have to be joking. She was a clown on ICA tonight, getting in the way of Bobby Flay and ultimately losing to her guest of honor, Ratard and Mario Batalli. I think you have those chefs that have independent thinking and then you have those good looking celebs that can cook what someone tells them to cook. Has Ratard or Giada ever cooked anything difficult? I think Giada, like Helen Hunt, should rent billboard space on her forehead and Ratardo should just shut up one in a while. For example, in ICA, Ratardo was telling the judges how she prepared her one dish including EVERY Detail about it and the food processor she used. Excuse me? This was supposed to be HER battle, not Mario vs Flay, unless this was their way of having a Mario vs Flay challenge and not screw up their records. Of course, the women did get in the way and ruined the courses. The quality really wasn’t there. I was hoping to see things like Mac & Cheese, PB&J sandwhiches, and BLT sandwhiches. Of course, the secret ingredient was cranberries (just like the sponsor was pimping the whole show). Did anyone think of slicing the jellied cranberries and serving as is? pouring the juice into glasses and serving? and cooking a turkey (maybe pressure cook it) and serve with cranberries? Maybe not original, but easily within their skill sets. Then Giada could have told us what wine to serve, make some chocolate, make some bread etc., and not burn the crap she made and piggie made some nasty spaghetti. Mario’s look when she wanted him to try it was classic. TV dinner food was better. Yeehaww to Battle of the non-chefs part 2 next year…

CINNAMON 11.19.06 | 11:44 PM ET

Rachel Ray has massive hands.

brandon 11.27.06 | 10:31 PM ET

ray ray kicks ass. Ray ray sucks dot com can suck my ballz dot com.

Mike Dennis 12.01.06 | 8:07 PM ET

Sorry haters Rachael Ray rules in syndication.  For those of you have not noticed, RR is in 3rd place behind Oprah and Dr. Phil in the Talk-Show ratings race.  She is beating “Ellen” and all the new shows. 

The question was could a cable star make it in the Broadcast world and, in this case, the answer is “YES.”

Her show may not be my cup of tea but for 3-4 million people a day it is.  RR has scoreboard!!!

Aynne34 12.05.06 | 12:02 PM ET

Please sleepy eyes, I just read all of these posts, I was looking for a site and wandered in here, please tell me yo still don’t defend Rachel Ray?  She cooks food straight from “Trailer meals 101” has gained at least 20 pounds this years eating that slop and that damn voice….argh!  It’s amazing, it’s like that children’s fable The Emporer’s New Clothes.  That the reason you all like her is that she is a cook, not a “chef”  DUH! She really isn’[t much of a cook actually, to those of us that can cook. Simple, fresh, organic, healthy and straightforward techniques shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes anyway.  No, I dont waste my time on a RR hate site, or any other childish endeavor, but honestly, I dont get her popularity.  Is it because real cooking shows and chefs are scary?  I am not trying to be mean, I am truly curious.

Aynne34 12.09.06 | 11:03 AM ET

Please sleepy eyes,
Wake up!  First of all, I am shocked that when I was checking out this blog you started defending Wretchel in ‘05 and a year later you are still posting? Is she a relative or something?  Ok, Racheal can’t cook, she makes sub-par food from can/box/mixes with fat, gravy, boxed stock, and other culinary atrocities.  She is handsdown the worst cook ever on FN.  Her popularity is due to people that don’t know what cooking is.  You can make fresh delicious healthy organic meals in 30 minutes or less without her slop!  Anthony Bourdain, ALton Brown, Jamie Oliver, any of them, please stop listening to fat assed obnoxious fake RR.  Unless you want early coronary disease, high cholesterol and a fat ass like hers! Yes, I agree, everyone teaches us something and RR has taught me to be grateful that my mother taught me to cook real food from real ingredients.  Expand your horizons sleepy, awesome food and flavors are out there, put down the canned stock, shut off the tv and head to the farmer’s market.

micielo 12.12.06 | 8:46 PM ET

i think she is cutie and extra perky.
almost to the point of is she for real.

but what troubles me is that she has
gained so much weight in the past 2
years. that i love to see her food
recipes but then i think, i don’t want
to get that big if i follow her own advice.

Diana 12.26.06 | 10:27 AM ET

I’ll tell you why so many people can’t stand Rayray…

First of all, let’s face it, her cooking stinks.  I’ve tried some of her recipes, they all stink.  She uses enough “EVOO” to sink a ship, and does she own stock in an onion harvesting company???  Why does she use onions in EVERYTHING?

Second, if you haven’t noticed by now, she couldn’t bake to save her life.  Some of the things she “comes up with” are ripoffs from other companies. If you spend any time at the haters websites, you see them quite often.  She does NOTHING innovative.

I could go on and on about why I can’t stand Rachael Ray, but I’d take too much time typing about it.  Her smile does remind me of the Joker, her giggling annoys me, and she is a lousy tipper.  I’d much rather watch Alton Brown and learn things about food than to try to make the slop she comes up with.

Diana 12.26.06 | 10:33 AM ET

BTW, if you think she’s so freaking great, go to one of her shows, and you’ll find out just how snotty and mean she is.  Not to mention, she has audience “plants” that ask her pre-written questions, no honest there either, just like the rest of her.

magnum 01.15.07 | 12:13 PM ET

I cant believe they pay this loudmouth, classless, stuck on herself idiot the amount they do while the pay for our servicemen and women are a mere pittance in comparison. Whats realy great is the dog wont even eat her cuisine, It’s never wise to eat what an animal wont!

Now That’s SAD

pj peaches 01.21.07 | 1:44 PM ET

i think it is great to see people of all walks of life consuming themseleves with opinions and expressions they know absolutley nothing about.. all these rachael ray haters….. if only there life could be viewed by the whole world.. wow… but thats right, they r nobody special, just wannabees.. perhaps these people could find a life of their own..nah-too boring… such simple little people-making big problems. i do hope the best 4 them..

lilith 02.23.07 | 12:12 AM ET

Please tell me, you sheep that used to love retchel, you surely now must see her for the obese, obnoxious, no talent, lunch lady wanna be cook that she is right?  Tell me for the love of humanity that you have seen the light? The other day she wrapped tater tots in bacon and called it a party appetizer!?!?!?!  Are you kidding me?!?!?!

Clancy 05.10.07 | 7:20 AM ET

I don’t know if this site is still active or not but I caught Rachael on E Channel and decided to see what they were talking about.
I would like to address this first comment to Billy Bob about his “American Cusine” of Roasted Meat, boiled veggies and a cake. This cusine originated in the British Isles due to the adapting to what was available at the time. People were limited to what was regional and in the colder climates, many herbs, veggies and fruits were unavailable. They brought this style of cooking here with them. However, people here also adapted to what was available as well as bringing thier culture with them. Areas settled by the French, Germans and Spanish had a different cusine.
In many areas this cusine stuck until the past few decades. Pioneers like Julia Child brought fresh menues from other cultures and showed people they were not restricted to the same old same old. Now with the advent of globalization, people are not limited to what is native to thier area and want to experiment with different styles of cooking.
There is nothing wrong with the roasted meat and veggies diet but it does get rather boring. You can take that cusine and kick it up a notch with herbs. Also, boiled veggies suck the nutrients out of the food and they end up in the water which unless you drink it, goes down the drain. I recommend steaming, that way you are not loosing the nutrients.
My point is that if you prefer the meat and veggie diet, by all means stick to it. However, there is a huge world out there and many of us like to experiment with things from other cultures. It makes life interesting and broadens our horizans. We are no longer restricted to a bland and boring diet and it is fun to incorporate ideas from different regions and cultures into our lives.

Clancy 05.10.07 | 7:41 AM ET

I discovered this site after watching an E show on Rachael. I checked out the Rachael Ray Sucks website to see what it was about. Here I am. I am not a fan of Rachael. I have tried her recipies and haven’t liked anything I have made. I prefer Paula, Giada, Emeril and Ina. However, I think thier shapes are a testimony to thier cooking. With the excpetion of Giada, all are overweight and may suffer from resulting health problems so although I do make their recipies, I do so sparingly and only what I feel can be made healthier by modifying them.
On to Rachael. As I said, she is not one of my favorites and she is not a chef which is obvious when you eat her concoctions. Also, she goes on about her “sweetie” which to me, I am here to learn to cook, not hear about her love for her husband. To be fair though, Ina, Giada and Paula also show thier husbands as well.
However, I can always find something positive in everyone and there are many things to admire Rachael for.
A poster on the RR Sucks website mentioned that she came from a “White Trash” neighborhood and has no formal education. To me, that only makes her success all the more remarkable because she had to work for all she achieved.
Secondly, she has a positive outlook and strikes me as a happy, motivated person. I try to keep upbeat people in my life and admire people who have those charecteristics.
I also admire anyone who has that kind of energy. Most people struggle to put in a full day of work, come home and do some basic household maintanance, or not and collapse in a heap in front of the TV. This woman puts in a full day and then keeps on going when most people are done for the day. Whether you like her or not, she lives life to the fullest and I have a lot of admiration for people who get out there and do that as opposed to people who waste their life away. (I do not watch TV but my husband does so it is on in the background and I can hear it as I am doing other things.)
Part of her success was being in the right place at the right time, but with her comming from “White Trash” and whatever, she made it happen and is a huge success whether you like her or not.
Another thing I attribute her success to is her personality. I don’t know if any of you are knowlegable of the fitness world but there are two fitness divas. One is Denise Austin and the other, Cathe Freidrich. Denise is upbeat and perky and has sold herself as well as her products. Cathe’s workouts are by far the better workout, they are much more difficut and more effective. However, you hardly hear of her because she does not promote herself and on her video’s she is not “upbeat and perky” but comes across serious and focused. She is also not as attractive as Denise. I think in part, this explains Rachael’s rise. Perky, pretty and upbeat attracts people.
As I said, I don’t care for her shows, but I do admire all she has achieved as I do all people who make it. I try to learn something from them and apply it to my own life. From Rachael, I have learned dedication a positive attitude and hard work contributes to success. So does high energy that is focused in a positive direction.

Kaylynn S. 06.03.07 | 9:56 PM ET

I Love Racheal ray Because she is so funny and shes like my insperation nd im in Highschool, Everyone that is on that website Needs to get A LIFE

online pills 06.13.07 | 11:03 AM ET

Where can you get a burger for a buck in the Big Apple? How about fresh oysters on the half shell at 2am in Boston? Travel guru Rachael Ray is back with insider tips and travel secrets that will turn your next vacation into a delicious, affordable feast. From the sweetest ice cream shop to the perfect spot to stage a picnic, Rachael shares tips from around the country and the world. Hop on board for some Tasty Travels!

Thea 08.08.07 | 7:11 PM ET

In general , I like Rachel. She has come a long way. Good Luck to her, she works very hard for her success. I only have one comment. Rachel, please keep your hair out of the food.

Alvin C. 09.02.07 | 6:48 PM ET

Those ‘Rachael Ray Sucks’ writers seem to have a lot of spare time and bandwidth on their hands.  I think that they’re right about her being an annoying, delusional, self-absorbed, low-class, loud-mouthed yokel, but does it really take a huge website of harping to get this across?  Their website could be much better if it wasn’t so full of the gutter-scraping drivel that they claim to dislike.

Rach 12.17.07 | 7:51 PM ET

Members of Rachael Ray Sux:
All I have to say is that she makes a lot more money than you!

Oh.. and there’s these new things called remotes.. You use them to change the channel on your TV if you don’t like what you’re watching!! Try it! It’s really cool! :)

sweet orange 07.17.08 | 8:09 AM ET

I like Rachel as well. I watch her every time I have the chance. I don`t get how many people can speak like this because of her. These are some jealous people. They should stick their head in a box and hide somewhere.

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