Jessica Smith of MTV’s “Laguna Beach” Named Let’s Go Spokesperson*

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  12.02.05 | 11:59 AM ET

It’s a sweet imagegig for the reality TV star. Smith will take trips to locales of her choosing, blog about her experiences and make personal appearances for Let’s Go. According to a Brandweek report (scroll to bottom), “Smith was seen as a good fit for the young-skewing budget-travel guides because, unlike some of the party-oriented and privileged Paris Hilton types chronicled on the series, she’s a more down-to-earth student.” 

It’s at least the second time a travel publisher has sought out MTV personalities to promote their guidebooks. A couple years back, the cast of “The Real World: Paris” worked for Frommer’s. I don’t mind the moves. If college students and recent graduates are thinking more about travel than emulating Paris Hilton, that’s not a bad thing. 

* Update August 16, 11:45 ET: Part of the gig apparently includes shooting video during a spring-break trip to Europe, which recently debuted on In the first episode, the cameras follow Smith through London. Read more…

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Christine Batiste 12.07.05 | 10:22 PM ET

Just Wanted If Jessica Smith From Laguna Beach Is On

shelby 12.09.05 | 3:19 PM ET

dose any one from laguna beach have a myspace for real? like its the real them???????

natalie 12.12.05 | 11:44 AM ET

kristin has one :p x

Adriana 12.16.05 | 11:24 PM ET

Dieter has one 
kristin said she doesnt have one ...

Lee 01.02.06 | 2:58 PM ET

hey is there ne way i can get ahold of jessica smith from LB?

unknown 01.07.06 | 8:52 AM ET

yeah… you can message her from myspace… why do u want a hold of her??

Lee 01.09.06 | 2:53 PM ET

she seems really kewl and i’d like to make a new friend….she was my fave person on laguna beach

tari 01.12.06 | 10:12 PM ET

does anybody know or seen jessica she is my role model i adore her and love her personality im only 13 and call her my best friend

Brian Amaya 01.18.06 | 5:50 PM ET

i am a big fan i think your so hot and u should look for me on my space please

Brittany 02.04.06 | 3:45 PM ET

did ne 1 no that jason and lauren r still 2gether! well i’m glad…i don’t like jessica dat much cuz she always takes jason and he treats her like shit…. what is :px ????????

LC 02.04.06 | 3:50 PM ET

Hey, ya it’s the real me. does ne one hav a question 4 me cuz i’d be happi 2 answer.

LC 02.04.06 | 3:51 PM ET

does ne 1 like me?

untitled 02.08.06 | 10:48 PM ET

Jessica, Alex H, Morgan S, Alex M, Dieter,  Kristin, and some season 3 people have myspaces

brianna 02.15.06 | 7:17 PM ET

Nobody has an f-ing myspace from laguna beach. its just silly little kids with no lives who wish they were popular like the lb cast. GOT IT.

Kristin 02.15.06 | 7:24 PM ET

ok, here’s the deal. Alot of ppl are talking and have no idea what the real story is. It’s just like highschool. Drama. I do not have a real my space. its somebody pretending to be me. why would i have one so people can stalk me?? When the 2nd season finished Alex H. and Lo, both had to get rid of their my space because ppl were going crazy after them. Other than that nobody else has a my space except brianna conrad. she’s younger though. No stephen and Lauren are not together. Her and Jason are fine, and together. at least he treats her better than he did jess. I am currently dating a great guy named Brody. no, i never hooked up with matt after we broke up. Brody and i are on vacation right now actually. i brought me here for valentines day. I never slept with Talan. Lindsay freaked out way to much. I’m sorry if there were any hurt feelings, but i was fully clothed and needed a place to crash. so enough with the rumors. dont forget to catch me on upn every tuesday night. i had a ball with that show.

Ashli Herring 03.09.06 | 3:42 PM ET

I absolutely LOVE Laguna Beach! I was just wondering if anyone knows where the cast stayed when they went to Cabo, Mexico! Thanks.

jessica 03.29.06 | 3:40 AM ET

yes they do have a myspace. and i have all of there’s. i got to meet alex m and jessica down in san diego at the wave house. email and i will give it to you.
or go to my website.

wondering 05.20.06 | 8:27 PM ET

how tall is alex h she seems really tall

Ashlyn 06.06.06 | 9:22 AM ET

Omg you ppl have got to be kidding me if you really think these ppl have a myspace name. I doubt they even have time to be on the internet with always being so busy. and even if they did they sure as hell wouldn’t give it out because f-ing psycho’s would probley stalk them duh!

Debbie 06.06.06 | 4:36 PM ET

I know Taylor use to have a myspace but she has since set it on private.

bob 06.21.06 | 9:14 PM ET

jessica is hot

booty 06.29.06 | 12:06 AM ET

booty dance

Jessica 07.08.06 | 12:28 AM ET

ATTENTION! This is Jessica & yes i do have a myspace—this is NOT i poser this is really Jess & idc if you dont believe me; im just trying to help my fans out. Some of us have myspace I do. But like you guys said i dont really have time for it; but i ahve my friends go on there and check if for me if i cant. & sometimes i check it too; but if you have any other questions. Message me.

Jessica 07.08.06 | 12:32 AM ET

oh & the sign that Kristin is holding up in that picture that says “I do NOT ahve a myspace” really says “This is NOT a fake myspace.” Some posers used photoshop & messed up the sign. But Kris DOES have one.

Jessica O'Leary 07.13.06 | 3:19 AM ET

I’ve been a big LB fan since season 1 and just love Jessica.  I’m so proud of you Jess.  You go girl! 

I’m sorry for all that you went through with Jason?  I think now on the Hills people are getting to see him in a whole new light. 

Good luck and can’t wait to see your new endeavor.

L 08.06.06 | 10:37 PM ET

you guys honestly need to get a life…i hope all of you realize that all the actors on laguna beach sit around and laugh at all the 13 year old girls (like yourselves) who are obsessed with them.  and no…they don’t have a myspace account and they DEFINATLEY don’t include any of you as their friends.

paperhomie 08.15.06 | 4:46 PM ET

Hey, if you guys love Jessica, Uth TV gave her a video camera to document her travels (it’s this Let’s Go thing that this article is talking about). They made it into a show, and all the footage is shot by Jessica herself on her trip… includes an exclusive Uth TV interview with her too. Check it out, it’s pretty sweet.

Jessica 08.18.06 | 2:58 PM ET

okay if you guys dont believe me i have proof-
i have a different fanpage now
but okay go to search jessica smith lets go travel- then go to my blog spot- click view complete profile, then one you click that scroll down to the link that says view my web page & there it is
thanks this is me =]
oh & i can tbe a poser because only the real jessica could have herreal myspace on the Let’s Go Travel page.
K Thanks Bye
Add me there

rubi 08.26.06 | 1:18 AM ET

ok no entiendo mucho pero ... tienen o no tienen myspace?

Jay 08.27.06 | 3:12 PM ET

Alot of the new Laguna cast have myspace pages. You just have browse to find them, and it’s easy to spot the fakes from the real ones.

rubi 08.28.06 | 12:20 AM ET

gracias !!!

Niki 08.31.06 | 5:44 PM ET

hey does Talan have myspace?

Niki 09.01.06 | 1:48 AM ET

any1 here?

dre 09.06.06 | 2:12 AM ET

how old is jessica from lb im me on my s/n aim deandre018

MIissy 10.17.06 | 7:50 PM ET




mike 10.22.06 | 3:01 PM ET

jessica and kristin are hot

sandy 01.01.07 | 5:19 AM ET

does stephen have a myspace

HC 01.07.07 | 7:33 AM ET

all you yanks need a life. its a tv show they are normal people just like the rest of us. hc

paula 02.13.07 | 8:36 AM ET

hey jess, my names paula flaherty. i live in galway, ireland and i love laguna beach. i love you all and watch it ALL the time. you all seem so nice and seem head strong and down to earth. id love to meet you as i dream of going to america some day. jessica, you are so beautiful and id love to have a lesbian experience with youxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nicole 02.25.07 | 2:40 PM ET

some of the cast from laguna beach that has myspace (Dieter) (Alex M) (Lauren) (Breanna. Lauren’s sister)

binz 01.07.08 | 4:58 AM ET

could someone post the real jessica link here

aya 01.09.08 | 10:27 AM ET

i’m 15 years old
i’m from lebanon
i love the actors in laguna beach very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much
plz sen me a mesg
love u very much….....

natasha 02.27.08 | 5:37 PM ET

hey jessica smith wen is (LAGUNA BEACH) cummin bac on coz dats my favourate movie…........!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe….!!!!!

jessica smith, kristin, alex H, LC, stephen colletti are my favourate characters…......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BYEBYE….......!!!!!!!!!JESSICA SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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