Leonardo DiCaprio Buys His Own ‘Beach’

Travel Blog  •  Jim Benning  •  07.28.05 | 9:51 PM ET

In the travel film “The Beach,” Leonardo DiCaprio plays a young backpacker in Thailand who ditches Bangkok’s Khao San Road in search of an idyllic island. That, of course, turns out to be a big mistake. But it looks as though DiCaprio himself is still itching for the island good life. According to reports, he has purchased a private island off Belize for $1.75 million.


DiCaprio apparently bought all 104 acres of Blackadore Cay and is planning to create an eco-friendly resort. Was it a smart move? We don’t know. But according to Islands magazine, Central America is an “up and-coming region” for private islands, “especially the islands off Belize, Panama and Costa Rica.”

5 Comments for Leonardo DiCaprio Buys His Own ‘Beach’

nacer 08.26.05 | 4:31 PM ET

salut je suis samir de agadir j aime fait la conaissonce avec toi stv

Dave Jorgensen 08.29.05 | 3:05 PM ET

That island has been for sale for close to 50 years.  No one would touch it because the water is so shallow and muddy around it. It’s very hard to get there by boat without running aground.

Someone saw a real “sucker” on that deal.

Liz 10.15.07 | 8:48 PM ET

How is spending $1.75 million for over 100 acres of private island make him a sucker?  That’s a drop in the bucket for him.  Plus he’s probably not putting any money into development, the Four Seasons Hotel is probably going to foot the bill for the hotel they’re putting on it.

Kat D 04.04.08 | 2:10 PM ET

Nacer, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.  Someone with the money DeCaprio has will build a helicopter pad.  From the looks of the pics, it’s beautiful there.  Sounds like sour grapes to me, you’re just jealous.

friendly to the environment 05.19.08 | 12:09 AM ET

The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future.

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