Destination: Belize

Should My Black Friend and I Worry About Race While Traveling Overseas?

Vagabonding traveler Rolf Potts answers your questions about travel and the world

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Video: How to Filet Conch

It takes a bit of a fight and some handy knifework. Ian Cacho explains how to get to the "white meat."

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The Dangers of Cave Tubing in Belize

Photo by Beemans via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

A 52-year-old woman on a Carnival cruise drowned yesterday while on a shore excursion in Belize. She was tubing on the Caves Branch River—in what some say were questionable conditions—when, according to one account, she was swept under a rock. Reports USA Today: “A local news station in Belize, Channel 7 News, reports that most local tour companies that operate on the Caves Branch River had canceled their trips Wednesday due to poor conditions.” Obviously, her trip wasn’t canceled.


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Hurricane Dean Hits Mexican Coast Near Majahual

The first Category 5 hurricane to make landfall since Hurricane Andrew crushed South Florida in 1992 missed the megaresorts of Cancun by about 150 miles, instead pounding the coast near the Mexico/Belize border. The AP reports that Hurricane Dean’s winds reached 165 miles per hour. The area isn’t heavily populated nor is it as touristed as Cancun, but it does contain small hotels, the Costa Maya cruise ship port and the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve. Definitive reports on how those areas fared will come later, but Hurricane Dean’s intensity—it registered the third lowest pressure at landfall on record, according to the Washington Post—signals the potential for massive damage.

Interview with Joshua Berman

Rolf Potts has posted a Q&A with writer Joshua Berman, whose book on Belize won the 2005 Lowell Thomas Award for best guidebook. He tells Potts that travel writing isn’t the most lucrative gig: “The only way I’ve been able to live off my writing is by taking my relatively meager book advances and running straight for the border, preferably to a country like Nicaragua where my expenses are minimal to nil.”

Leonardo DiCaprio Buys His Own ‘Beach’

In the travel film “The Beach,” Leonardo DiCaprio plays a young backpacker in Thailand who ditches Bangkok’s Khao San Road in search of an idyllic island. That, of course, turns out to be a big mistake. But it looks as though DiCaprio himself is still itching for the island good life. According to reports, he has purchased a private island off Belize for $1.75 million.


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