Niagara Falls Tourism: ‘Don’t Go To Toronto’

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  07.21.10 | 1:50 PM ET

Yep, they went there. The Falls region has unveiled a new tourism campaign, contrasting an idyllic, natural environment—that’d be Niagara, apparently—with its next-door neighbor, Toronto. The big city is presented as a “crime-ridden, graffiti-laden, gridlocked urban prison,” to quote The Globe and Mail, and visitors are urged to “shake off the city” and visit Niagara instead. Toronto’s acting mayor called the campaign “an unnecessary cheap shot.”

This local TV news spot includes some footage of the ad in question—curiously, the Niagara depicted in it is entirely free of casinos, legions of tour buses, and gridlock all along the QEW.

Eva Holland is co-editor of World Hum. She is a former associate editor at Up Here and Up Here Business magazines, and a contributor to Vela. She's based in Canada's Yukon territory.

2 Comments for Niagara Falls Tourism: ‘Don’t Go To Toronto’

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Robert Reid 07.22.10 | 10:56 AM ET

Hilarious. Travel needs more pro wrestling, so I can’t help but applaud Niagara Falls for playing with prison rules here, even if it is out of line.

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