Singapore Airlines to A380 First-Class Suite Passengers: No Sex For You

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  10.31.07 | 1:29 PM ET

Teases! Singapore Airlines has outfitted its new A380 with 12 first-class suites offering privacy and double beds, and during last week’s inaugural flight from Singapore to Sydney, Champagne flowed. The airline, it would seem, brought some sexy back to travel. Alas, it didn’t bring the Mile-High Club back from the dead. The carrier has asked suite passengers to refrain from sex, dashing “the hopes of sexual thrill-seekers planning to engage in amorous activity aboard the world’s biggest jumbo jet,” according to a Reuters report.

Since the suites aren’t soundproofed, Singapore Airlines doesn’t want its non-suite passengers to have to listen to the extracurricular activities of passengers such as Tony and Julie Elwood. Reuters reports that the couple had a suite on last week’s inaugural flight, and the two bristled at the ban:

“So they’ll sell you a double bed, and give you privacy and endless champagne and then say you can’t do what comes naturally?” Tony Elwood, who traveled with wife Julie in a suite aboard the inaugural flight, told the Times of London.

“They seem to have done everything they can to make it romantic, short of bringing round oysters,” Julie said. “I’d say they shouldn’t really complain, should they?”

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6 Comments for Singapore Airlines to A380 First-Class Suite Passengers: No Sex For You

Richard Havers 11.01.07 | 8:18 AM ET

Even those who are keen to brag of their membership of the mile high club are probably lying, and not just because there are, in reality, so few who have actually done it. The fact is that most commercial aircraft fly at closer to seven miles high. In order to be technically correct if you are a member of the mile high club then the chances are you will have needed to have Ďdone ití either during climb or in the descent, which means that you should have been wearing your seatbelt!

A recent survey found that around 9% of people admitted to having has sex on board a commercial airliner. The respondents were evenly split between men and women, perhaps indicating that the traditional wisdom that men tend to brag and women tend to be modest when asked questions about sex may be fading. Before you start checking around you on your next flight to see if close to one in ten people are Ďat ití donít forget that only means that they may have done it on one occasion, not every time they fly!


James Sewards 11.01.07 | 1:26 PM ET

I think it is ridickules to have bed accomidations on any airplane. what are they thinking, Du , Put a man & a woman in a bed, after having alchol,what do they expect to happen????? If they continue this, they should make them sound proof. The person in charge of this devlopment should be questioned as to there ability to be a designer.

Hotelsbible 11.19.07 | 1:55 AM ET

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ezine 12.02.07 | 7:46 AM ET

I would love to do the hohum on a flight but I am too chicken

Singapore 12.04.07 | 8:59 AM ET

Good bit of story. I am a lucky man when I flied with Singapore Airlines on their first A-380 flight from Sydney to Singapore. Great services from them.


eHangar 10.11.08 | 3:06 AM ET

While the airline has “asked passengers to refrain” from having sex, they did not outrightly forbid the act. So I wonder what would happen if anyone decided to actually do something; would the cabin crew barge in and tell you to stop? ;)

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