Southern Mexico’s Pirates: ‘Every Story is About Money’

Travel Blog  •  Valerie Conners  •  10.28.08 | 1:58 PM ET

imagePhoto by afronie via Flickr (Creative Commons).

When David Vann learned about the mysterious and brutal murder of 78-year-old sailor John Long in the waters near Puerto Madero, Mexico, he was compelled to head there to unearth the truth about Long’s demise as much as resolve his own brush with violence and corruption in the same region 11 years ago.

Vann details his journey and investigation into Long’s death in a chilling article from Outside Magazine. “Soon enough, I was the center of attention in the town’s backwater shrimp port, a tiny village of its own, without a name,” he writes. “I’d fallen down the rabbit hole, into a place where, everywhere I turned, I heard newer and less believable stories, and they were all about me.”

Valerie Conners

Valerie Conners is the senior producer and editor at World Hum.

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