The Great Israeli Road Sign Debate

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  08.14.09 | 3:21 PM ET

Photo by dlisbona, via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Israel’s transportation minister has proposed switching the country from a trilingual system—road signs are currently in Hebrew, Arabic and English—to one where the signs are presented exclusively “with transliterations of the Hebrew names.”

The World reports that street signs in Israel have long long been ideological battlegrounds. Reporter Daniel Estrin follows around one couple who travels the country trying to restore defaced street signs. Here are a few photos.

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pam 08.16.09 | 11:34 AM ET

This example reminds me of a little sleeper movie called “The Band’s Visit” in which an Egyptian band tries to go to Beit Ha Tikvah. Or is that Petah Tikvah.

Worth seeing.

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