The Long Descent: Woman’s Journey Down Baggage Belt

Travel Blog  •  Valerie Conners  •  08.27.08 | 4:10 PM ET

imageWe often put a sarcastic or humorous spin on tales of airport woe and aggravation, but this story struck me as just plain sad. Sure, it’s unfortunate that increasingly absurd airport measures are becoming the norm, but to imagine we’re at the point where a 78-year-old woman, in a huge misunderstanding with Swedish airport personnel, considers being asked to climb in a baggage chute as a reasonable request—and does so—is just ... unreasonable.

The woman mistakenly believed she was following instructions by placing herself on the airport’s baggage belt, Agence France-Presse reports. Staff members were able to assist her, and the woman reported no serious injuries.

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Photo by markhillary via Flickr (Creative Commons).

Valerie Conners

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2 Comments for The Long Descent: Woman’s Journey Down Baggage Belt

Ling 08.28.08 | 1:14 AM ET

Poor lady. You know, this just goes to show how tensed up passengers are, and how scared, that they’ll do anything which they’re asked to, without questioning it. I’d say its high time airports got ‘humanised’ a bit and stopped treating passengers like numbers.

Grizzly Bear Mom 08.28.08 | 4:19 PM ET

I thought it demonstrated foolishness on the passenger’s part. When waiting her turn at the counter, hadn’t she seen everyone else put their baggage on the chute? I know that when I am uncertain I look around for reasonable actions and follow them.

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