Tim Cahill: At Home in Montana

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  11.13.09 | 1:41 PM ET

The Wall Street Journal visits the veteran travel writer at a cabin in southwest Montana where he does most of his writing. Says Cahill: “It’s often hilarious to me that I’m writing about Tonga or some tropical place and there’s a blizzard outside and the cows are on their backs with their hooves in the air.”

For more about Tim Cahill’s writing process, check out his remarks on creating literate adventure stories. (Via @Gadling)

Eva Holland is co-editor of World Hum. She is a former associate editor at Up Here and Up Here Business magazines, and a contributor to Vela. She's based in Canada's Yukon territory.

2 Comments for Tim Cahill: At Home in Montana

Lindsey 11.16.09 | 12:03 PM ET

Montana makes a wonderful back yard!

My Travel Blog 12.11.09 | 4:47 AM ET

It is really nice place to visit, i hope i could have time to visit it soon and do some writing as you did.

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