U.S. Senate Encourages Domestic Travel to Canada

Travel Blog  •  Alicia Imbody  •  07.13.09 | 2:55 PM ET

Screenshot of the Environment and Public Works website

The Washington Post embarrassingly revealed how the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee recently tried to promote domestic summer travel to the Rockies on its website, using a picture of Lake Louise—which happens to be located in Canada. When the Post questioned committee members about the contradictory image, both parties denied a deliberate attempt to promote foreign travel, pointing fingers and ultimately admitting to using a hasty “placeholder” photo, which has since been removed.

This is in no way related to past examples of the U.S. attempting to annex Canada for strictly promotional purposes.

Alicia Imbody is a former World Hum intern and an international development consulant based out of Washington D.C.

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Ling 07.14.09 | 10:24 AM ET

What it means is that neither party has a clue about travel & tourism. They should stick to things they’re good at - like scandals, taking bribes and finding new ways to stick it to taxpayers.

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