Western Tourists Told to Avoid Bali

Travel Blog  •  Valerie Conners  •  10.24.08 | 11:19 AM ET

Bali tourism officials and other governments issued the warnings in response to news that the convicted bombers in Bali’s 2002 nightclub terror attacks will be executed in November.

Valerie Conners

Valerie Conners is the senior producer and editor at World Hum.

3 Comments for Western Tourists Told to Avoid Bali

Jack gives travel advice 10.26.08 | 8:28 AM ET

This is scary news, how much longer are the Balinese authorities going to allow terrorist cells to operate in their country? Taking 6 years to sort out one very serious bombing doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. I, for one, will avoid Bali for quite some time.

Marilyn Terrell 10.27.08 | 12:28 AM ET

Grizzly Bear Mom 10.27.08 | 5:47 PM ET

I’m actually heartened to see that it’s taken six years to execute the terrorists.  Sounds like demoncracy in action which should demotivate other terrorists. The warning recommends that foreigners reconsider visiting Bali at a different time than the executions.  What more could we ask for? They have to commit crimes before they are punished.

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