World Hum Goes to the Travel Blog Exchange ‘10

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  11.02.09 | 12:12 PM ET

Travel Blog Exchange, New YorkWe’ll be communing with our fellow travel writers and bloggers in New York City June 26-27, 2010, at the second annual Travel Blog Exchange. Founder Kim Mance and her crew launched TBEX last July in Chicago with a memorable day of travel talk.

Next year, the event spans two days and World Hum, one of the event’s media partners, is on the organizing committee. We’re working with Kim and several others in the travel blog universe to help develop the event, and we’ll also be preaching the Travel Writing in the Digital Age gospel with a small taste of our new workshops. If you’ve got any thoughts, suggestions, etc. about what you’d like to see covered, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Travelblggr 11.02.09 | 5:10 PM ET

That’s awesome!  Can’t wait to go. 

One thing I’d love to see develop in the Travel Blog world is an open community platform similar to what does for food blogs. 

On FoodBuzz, a blogger can easily promote their own blog, develop a community of bloggers with similar interests and SAVE other’s blog posts (recipes) in organized folders for later reference.

I would love to see Travel Bloggers get organized in the same way.  It would be awesome to have one platform where travelers could log in and save posts from multiple (different) blogs in order to better plan their trips.

Love the WorldHum feed.  Keep up the good work!

a.k.a. @TravelBlggr

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