76-Second Travel Show: A Tribute to the Gulf Coast

Video  •  Robert Reid  •  06.23.10 | 5:28 PM ET

Robert Reid visits Florida's Gulf Coast beaches and contemplates an uncertain future

Robert Reid, the U.S. Travel Editor for Lonely Planet, lives in Brooklyn. He was the subject of a World Hum interview.

Video by Robert Reid

2 Comments for 76-Second Travel Show: A Tribute to the Gulf Coast

Megan Hill 06.24.10 | 10:41 PM ET

Very moving. Thanks for telling this story.

Terry Ward 06.27.10 | 8:01 AM ET

I just read your HuffPo piece, Robert. I can’t believe this visit to Florida was the first time you’ve seen a dolphin in the wild. The abundant wildlife in Florida is like no place I’ve ever been. Recently in Fort Lauderdale, in front of a swank hotel, I was swimming alongside a large black shape that turned out to be a manatee. I’ve had dolphins within a few feet of me countless times while swimming, everywhere from Cocoa Beach to Naples. Even the birds you see stalking the drainage ditches alongside major Florida highways are the stuff of birdwatchers’ dreams (and have you ever seen the thrill seeing a pelican gives a visiting European?).  We stand to lose so much due to this catastrophe, and I think few people know what the real Florida has to offer. Thanks for making that point.

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