Video: How to Sleep in a Hammock

Video  •  World Hum  •  01.06.09 | 9:01 AM ET

Daniel Beck explains the ins and outs of taking a snooze in a swinging bed

Filmmaker Allison Otto is a video journalist for the Travel Channel. Her favorite travel companion is her dog, Cosette.

5 Comments for Video: How to Sleep in a Hammock

Enduring Wanderlust 01.06.09 | 11:42 AM ET

Ha! I love the head gear in the video. Though it kinda takes away from the notion of relaxing on a hammock.

jmacdonald 01.08.09 | 12:27 AM ET

very helpful and interesting advice video - hard to imagine a full restful night of sleep in a hammock but the get-up was funny.

YWML 01.08.09 | 1:41 AM ET

This was very cleverly filmed, and quite funny! Good to know I can now sleep in a hammock under challenging conditions!

Jennifer 01.08.09 | 12:23 PM ET

Very creative and informative :) Now where can one purchase a mosquito net, head covering? Obviously comes in handy!

R. Jones 01.09.09 | 1:25 AM ET

This is a great video.  I bet this technique would also work in Louisiana.

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