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Fly Girl

Uganda billboard Abbie Kozolchyk

Even though she was a visitor to Uganda, Abbie Kozolchyk turned out to be the perfect host

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In the Abode of the Gods

Jeffrey Tayler treks a Buddhist pilgrimage route through China's remotest, high-altitude domains

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The End of Wend

The End of Wend Photo: Brian Kevin

The travel mag was like Chicken Soup for the Gnarly Eco-Nomad's Soul. Brian Kevin ponders what its demise says about travelers and travel publishing.

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Detained in the Sahara

It was night. Soldiers ordered Bill Donahue from the vehicle. Would they administer primitive justice?

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River a Mile Deep

River a Mile Deep (Photo: Michael Shapiro)

Michael Shapiro rafts down the Colorado in the wake of Captain John Wesley Powell

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River a Mile Deep: Three Videos

Videos from Michael Shapiro's 24-day rafting trip down the Colorado River

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River a Mile Deep: Five Great Photos

Images from Michael Shapiro's 24-day rafting trip down the Colorado River

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Interview with Henry Rollins: Punk Rock World Traveler

Jim Benning asks the musician about his new book of photographs and how travel has humbled him

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Greek Paradise, Lost

Greek Paradise, Lost Photo: Dan Saltzstein

In the Aegean isles, Dan Saltzstein went in search of a mysterious cave. He found it -- and a dose of danger.

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Of Laws and Loopholes

Of Laws and Loopholes Photo: Christopher Vourlias

Christopher Vourlias just wanted to cross the border, but one man stood between him and the Congo

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Travels With Byliner

There’s been a lot of positive buzz around Byliner since it published Jon Krakauer’s takedown of Greg Mortenson, Three Cups of Deceit. It got another wave of adulation this week as it debuted its first curated batch of nonfiction features and a Pandora-style story-recommendation engine. Jennifer 8. Lee called it a “a beautiful IMDB for writers.” Nieman Journalism Lab called it a “nonfiction nerd’s fantasy.”

I call it the lovely monster that just ate half my morning.

I just took a dip and, wow, it was tough to extract myself to get some work done. I found many compelling stories, including a section with links to more than 1,500 travel stories.

Happy to see World Hum represented. Two stories from the archives are among those included: Karl Taro Greenfeld’s Hope and Squalor at Chungking Mansion and Rolf Potts’ Where no Travel Writer has Gone Before.

Confessions of a Travel Snob

Confessions of a Travel Snob Photo by adpowers, via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Amy Williams Bernstein considered herself an intrepid, independent traveler. Then she found herself at an all-inclusive Cancun resort.

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R.I.P. Poppa Neutrino

That’s the name David Pearlman began going by when he turned 50, a year after recovering from an illness. Before and after, Neutrino/Pearlman led an amazing and unconventional American life. Among the highlights: He built rafts out of junk and made like Thor Heyerdahl, sailing across oceans.

The New York Times obit notes:

In 1988 Mr. Pearlman converted an abandoned barge into a paddle-wheel houseboat, Town Hall, that tied up at Pier 25 on the Hudson River off TriBeCa for several years.

It was then that he began scavenging the material for Son of Town Hall, a 40-foot raft made of discarded timber, foam bricks and plastic bottles lashed together, basketlike, with 3,000 feet of rope abandoned by Con Edison.

Alec Wilkinson wrote a book about Neutrino, The Happiest Man in the World.

We’ve celebrated him over the years in our own way, including enshrining him at the top of our list of the 39 greatest names in travel and adventure.

Poppa Neutrino was 77.

‘Any Bears Around Today?’

‘Any Bears Around Today?’ iStockPhoto

Kim Mance ventured into Canada's remote north looking for polar bears. She didn't anticipate becoming prey.

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A Welcome Rooftop in the Heart of Pakistan

A Welcome Rooftop in the Heart of Pakistan Joshua Berman

Joshua Berman discovers a backpacker haven in Lahore where tales are spun, friends are made and plans are changed

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Christopher Buckley: ‘I Was Deck Boy Aboard a Norwegian Tramp Freighter’

In 1970, Buckley shipped out for a year of adventure. His remembrance in the Atlantic is beautiful:

I remember standing in the crow’s nest as we entered the misty Panama Canal, and the strange sensation as the 4,000-ton ship rose higher and higher inside the lock. I remember dawn coming up over the Strait of Malacca; ragamuffin kids on the dock in Sumatra laughing as they pelted us with bananas; collecting dead flying fish off the deck and bringing them to our sweet, fat, toothless Danish cook to fry up for breakfast. I remember sailing into Hong Kong harbor and seeing my first junk; steaming upriver toward Bangkok, watching the sun rise and set fire to the gold-leafed pagoda roofs; climbing off the stern down a wriggly rope ladder into a sampan, paddling for dear life across the commerce-mad river into the jungle, where it was suddenly quiet and then suddenly loud with monkey-chatter and bird-shriek, the moonlight lambent on the palm fronds.

Cruise Passengers Rescued from Northwest Passage

The Canadian Coast Guard removed 110 passengers from a cruise ship stranded in the Arctic Ocean this weekend. The ship was exploring the Northwest Passage when it got hung up on an unmapped rock—presumably, we’ll see more of these incidents as the passage becomes increasingly viable, so Canada, keep your icebreakers sharp.

In Alaska, ‘There Are No Easy Flights’

In the wake of the plane crash that killed former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens and four others this week, James Fallows digs into “the unique world of Alaskan aviation,” noting that it’s “more dangerous than elsewhere in the country, but also more necessary.”

American Fool in the Khyber Pass

To impress a girl, Les Braunstein bought a horse in Afghanistan and set out for Pakistan. It was 1971. He was sure he'd be OK.

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Surfing Iceland’s Cold Frontiers

Surfing Iceland’s Cold Frontiers Photo by Nathan Myers

Full-body wetsuits. Icy mountain roads. Uncharted surf. Nathan Myers is a long way from California.

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