Destination: Galápagos Islands

Birth of a Birder

Birth of a Birder Photo by Eva Holland

Eva Holland never got too excited about birds. But then she found herself gazing up at the sky in the Galapagos.

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And the Eco-Vacation Oscar Goes to ...

And the Eco-Vacation Oscar Goes to ... Photo by dagpeak via Flickr (Creative Commons).

Host Hugh Jackman and the losers! As part of a sweet “Everybody Wins at the Oscars!” deal, tour operator Lindblad Expeditions will host Jackman, all the non-winning acting nominees and best director nominees on a 10-day trip to the Galapagos, National Geographic Adventure reports.

I’m dying of jealousy, and not because I want to hang with Brangelina and the rest of the glitterati—but with the ancient tortoises and Galapagos penguins! Hope, too, that this announcement doesn’t mean a crush of paparazzi and crazed fans trampling on these fragile enchanted islands.

How about if Lindblad just sends me and my little footprints instead?

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin From "HMS Beagle at Tierra del Fuego" by Conrad Martens (via Wikipedia)
From “HMS Beagle at Tierra del Fuego” by Conrad Martens (via Wikipedia)

Charles Darwin, author of the classic travel memoir The Voyage of the Beagle (oh, and that other book, too), would have turned 200 years old yesterday. To celebrate, the BBC’s David Shukman visited the Galapagos Islands, armed with a small Darwin library, and filed a series of compelling dispatches on how Darwin’s observations are holding up today.

A quick sample: “A giant frigate bird circles in the dusk sky. A lurid depiction of Charles Darwin adorns an arch outside our hotel. Once again, there’s a sea lion snoozing beside our table. It’s no longer a surprise. I must be evolving too.”

Video: How to Use a Machete

Far flung travel sometimes requires a little bushwhacking. Rowan Doff explains.

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Video: How to Sleep in a Hammock

Daniel Beck explains the ins and outs of taking a snooze in a swinging bed

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A Million Years of Memory

In the Galapagos, Bill Belleville immerses himself in an environment that's part dream, part cradle of evolution

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