Destination: Athens

Travels in a Troubled Greece

Travels in a Troubled Greece Photo by dominiqs via Flickr (Creative Commons)

The country's economic problems are deep and real. So does Greece remain an enjoyable place to travel?

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Of Great Buildings and Tourist Tchotchkes

Photo by kerryvaughan via Flickr, (Creative Commons)

Edward Hollis’s relatively new book—The Secret Lives of Buildings: From the Ruins of the Parthenon to the Las Vegas Strip in Thirteen Stories—is getting some good press. While a post in The New York Review of Books is worth a look, I most enjoyed coming across a 2009 review from the Guardian.

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Going Undercover in Athens

Going Undercover in Athens iStockPhoto

When she landed a luxury assignment while backpacking through Greece, Emily Badger assumed a dual identity. Could she pull it off?

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Inspiration, Travel Writing and L’Esprit Frondeur

Inspiration, Travel Writing and L’Esprit Frondeur iStockPhoto

What will you do that will be different and worthy of recounting? Jeffrey Tayler on the writer's life.

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The Olympic Torch Relay, in Pictures

The Big Picture follows the flame’s progress from Olympia and Athens across Canada en route to Vancouver—with stops in Tofino, Old Crow, Kugluktuk and beyond.

Athens: A New Look for an Old City

Exploring Europe, exploring travel as a political act

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Battle Over the Elgin Marbles Rages On

Battle Over the Elgin Marbles Rages On Photo by roblisameehan via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by roblisameehan via Flickr (Creative Commons)

We blogged about one writer’s sneak peek at the New Acropolis Museum last summer, and now opening day has finally arrived—predictably, not without controversy.

The museum was designed both to pressure Britain for the return of the Elgin Marbles, and to provide a worthy home for them after their (eventual, theoretical) return. With that context in mind, it’s no surprise that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the director of the British Museum—where the marbles are currently held—have all declined invitations to the grand opening on Saturday.

Athens, Greece

athens greece REUTERS/John Kolesidis

A tourist takes pictures of his family in front of the closed ancient theater of Herod Atticus at Acropolis hill in Athens.

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John Baxter Likes Him Some ‘Poor Food’

In the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine, prolific author John Baxter waxes in the travel column about his history with “poor food,” taking us first to a long stew-filled meal at a rural tavern on a Greek island, then to his childhood in Australia, and Paris. The most unlikely experience: Christmas dinner at the Georgetown house of a government official who had lost his job due to a change in administrations. Baxter doesn’t say it—though I suppose it’s implied—but we don’t need a downturn in the economy to see that “poor food” has managed to quietly work its way into eaters’ appetites of all incomes these days. Which—in all its irony—is a good thing. Pub grub, soul food, most of the Italian food we know and love, and the current hankering for all things street food (being served at upscale restaurants around the country) all sprang from the same place: necessity. 

Plato Was a Backpacker

shadows, beach, plato Photo by Kent Wang, via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Frank Bures looks a long way back to fellow traveler Plato and the seeds of wisdom

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The New Acropolis Museum: Ready to Take on the British Museum?

Photo of Elgin Marbles in London by InfoMofo via Flickr (Creative Commons).

There’s a new museum opening in Athens this year, but as the Times of London’s Mark Hodson writes, it’s not just another tourist attraction: It’s also “the latest gambit in a 200-year campaign for the return of the Elgin Marbles,” currently housed in the British Museum.

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‘The Condé Nast Traveler Book of Unforgettable Journeys’

A new anthology gathers some of the most memorable stories from the magazine's 20-year history. Tyler D. Johnson says it contains the humor and wisdom only travel can deliver.

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