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Video: A Rah on his Gap Yah

We’ve all met one on the road: The posh, be-scarved, bantering British student—sometimes known as a rah—who alternately chunders and philosophizes his or her way across Southeast Asia. Here, in case you haven’t been in a Laotian guesthouse lately, is a note-perfect caricature to tide you over until your next encounter:

Here Come the ‘Grown-up Gappers’

Reuters reports that, because of the recession, Britons “aged 30-55 [are] more than twice as likely as 18-24 year-olds to take time out to travel.” Where do they say they’re going? Canada tops the list of destinations.

Plato Was a Backpacker

shadows, beach, plato Photo by Kent Wang, via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Frank Bures looks a long way back to fellow traveler Plato and the seeds of wisdom

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British Gap Year in Decline

It’s been tough enough selling American parents and school administrators on the benefits of a gap year for students. Now, the Guardian reports that the phenomenon is on the decline in the U.K., where it’s been an accepted rite of passage for years. The story blames financial concerns, the economic downturn, and—most ominously—a growing “conservatism” among college admissions officers for the change.

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