Destination: Cairo

The Concerto Inspired by Tahrir Square

Arab American composer Mohammed Fairouz watched the uprising in Tahrir Square on TV a year ago today. As he looked on, with the volume off, he began composing a piece of music. “Tahrir for Clarinet and Orchestra,” now complete, is “the first movement of what will eventually become a concerto in three movements,” according to a fascinating report on PRI’s The World.

You can hear the movement in its entirety below, but the radio segment is well worth a listen, particularly Fairouz discussing the various facets of the uprising he was trying to evoke through the music.

Mapped: Sexual Harassment in Cairo

And speaking of street harassment—a group of women’s rights activists in Cairo has created a new site aimed at raising awareness of the problem in their city. The project, HarassMap, uses crowd-sourced emails and text messages to map harassment on the streets—divided into categories like “catcalls,” “touching,” “stalking or following” and “indecent exposure.” The second step? Approaching community leaders in harassment “hotspots” and enlisting their help in combating the problem.

Photo You Must See: Old and New Transport in Giza

Photo You Must See: Old and New Transport in Giza REUTERS/Ho New

A freestyle motocross rider jumps during a sunset training session near the Pyramids of Giza. The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour competition took place there this weekend.

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Don’t Mess With My French Toast!

Don’t Mess With My French Toast! iStockPhoto

On the meal that grounds us in our home culture, even on the other side of the globe

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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih

An Egyptian worker leads his horse past clay and plaster figures, in an area popular for pottery and plaster works, in Cairo.

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The Gift of the Nile

For 5,000 years, the slow, timeless rhythms of Egypt's great river have enthralled everyone from Mark Antony to Aunt Phyllis. Chris Vourlias takes a felucca trip to see if he, too, can feel the magic.

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Derelicts in the Sinai

Derelicts in the Sinai Photo courtesy freestockphotos

Israeli fighter planes flew over his kibbutz and suicide bombers blew up buses on the lines he traveled, but Porter Shreve still felt untouchable. Then he found himself aboard an ill-fated tour bus rolling through the Egyptian desert.

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