Destination: Kansas

Luring Tourists to a Little Eco-City on the Prairie

Luring Tourists to a Little Eco-City on the Prairie Photo by wfryer via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by wfryer via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Two years ago, a massive tornado tore apart more then 95 percent of the buildings in Greensburg, Kansas. Normally, the destruction of this tiny town of 1,400 people would have been just another natural disaster on the high plains, where twisters regularly shred the landscape. But Greensburg’s recovery has made headlines around the world because the town is rebuilding itself as a sustainable, clean-energy “laboratory for eco-friendly living,” according to Greenwire.

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Morning Links: Weird Hotels, Flight 1549: The Game and More

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For the Love of Her State: A Kansas Day Tour

Nobody loves Kansas the way my friend Jodi Rosenberg loves Kansas. At least, nobody I know. She grew up there. She moved away for some years. She moved back. And she’s been talking Kansas up to me from the moment we met at college, 20 years ago. (And, yes, Jodi—I’ll be there soon. I promise.) So, to celebrate Kansas Day and the state’s 148th birthday today, I give you Jodi and her recommendations for the ultimate Kansas experience:

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Reflections of Home

Reflections of Home Photo by Rolf Potts.

Rolf Potts returned to the Kansas prairie. Matt Gross landed in Brooklyn -- for now. The two travel writers reveal where they live, and how travel has influenced how they look at home.

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A Vagabond Finds a Home

Rolf Potts' home in Kansas Photo by Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts finally has a place to call his own -- a double-wide overlooking the Kansas prairie. It's infused with the lessons he learned from 13 years living out of a backpack.

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