Destination: Nicaragua

World Travel Watch: Cholera Outbreak in Haiti, Tsunami in Indonesia and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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What Happens When CBS’ ‘Survivor’ Goes to Nicaragua?

For starters, the television company hypes the country’s “savage wildlife.”

A crew has been filming the next season of the hit TV show in the beach town of San Juan del Sur—it will debut on CBS next month.

Reports the Los Angeles Times:

Government officials apparently think “Survivor” could be good for foreign business investment and tourism, even though the CBS commercial for the show proclaims Nicaragua a land of “impenetrable terrain, smoldering volcanoes and savage wildlife.” (Savage wildlife? The mosquitoes?)

Yes, tourism to Nicaragua could skyrocket—and so could unfathomably horrific mosquito bites.

World Travel Watch: Dress Code in Vatican City, Taxi Kidnappings in Nicaragua and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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World Travel Watch: Protests in Nepal, Tensions in Nicaragua and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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World Travel Watch: Dengue in Nicaragua, Instability in Bosnia and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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Travel Song of the Day: ‘Me Gustas Tu’ by Manu Chao

Where in the World Are You, Lynne Friedmann?

The subject of our latest up-to-the-minute interview with a traveler somewhere in the world: World Hum contributor Lynne Friedmann. She wrote the essay All the Flowers in Amsterdam and contributed to our Top 40 Travel Songs of All Time

Where in the world are you?

Seven Images to Inspire Wanderlust: From Nicaragua to New Delhi

Cerro Negro volcano, Leon City, Nicaragua REUTERS

Indulge your armchair traveler with seven wanderlust-inspiring travel photos from around the world

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Interview with Rick Steves: ‘Travel as a Political Act’

Jim Benning asks the Europe travel guru about his new book -- and where Americans can go for a politically eye-opening experience

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Eight Great Family Travel Stories

Eight Great Family Travel Stories iStockPhoto

To mark World Hum's eighth anniversary, we've collected eight favorite travel stories from our archives that explore the family vacation in all its forms

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Street Kids in Enzo’s World

Street Kids in Enzo’s World REUTERS/Desmond Boylan

On a trip to Granada, Nicaragua, JD Roberto confronts hungry children and considers how to explain them to his son

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Morning Links: The Zion Curtain, Pynchon and Baedeker, and more

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World Hum Travel Movie Club: ‘The Art of Travel’

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The Rise of Luxe Surf Travel (at Least According to the NY Times)

Anyone who surfs or knows people who do realized years ago that the sport had shed its dirtbag image—that doctors and attorneys now eagerly lay claim to the title “surfer” (even if they don’t much surf) and that big bucks are spent on travel to remote, uncrowded breaks in places like Central America and Indonesia. Now, the New York Times is on the case. In a front-page story yesterday, the Times breathlessly reported: “For $10,000 a day, you can have the ultimate surfing sojourn in Indonesia aboard the 110-foot Indies Trader IV, a sort of floating hotel with 15 cabins, a helipad and three-course meals with wine. A motorized tender takes you to the waves.” And about today’s surfers: “This new species of surfer contributes to a booming market for vacation packages, instruction, equipment and real estate near some of the world’s best surf breaks. Like golf, surfing has become an ideal activity around which to discuss business.”

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Nouveau Sandalista on Venezuela: ‘There Is So Much Vibe and Passion’

We noted early last year that Venezuela was the new, hip Latin American travel destination for good sandal-shod lefties (or naive commies, depending on your perspective). Cindy Sheehan, Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte, among other famed agitators, had already made the trek. Now comes another breathless report on the phenomenon. “From a trickle a few years ago,” the Mail & Guardian reports, “there are now thousands, travelling individually and on package tours, exploring a left-wing mecca that promises to build social justice in the form of ‘21st-century socialism.’”