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The Great Everest Clean-Up

The Great Everest Clean-Up Photo by Kappa Wayfarer via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by Kappa Wayfarer via Flickr (Creative Commons)

The climate-change watchdog group Eco Everest hauled off 2,100 pounds of trash and human waste from Mount Everest last year and is now paying visitors $1.00 per pound for waste removed from the mountain, according to Outside and Rock and Ice magazine.

The Nepalese have recently tried to prevent dumping by withholding a $4,000 trash deposit from climbers who leave rubbish on the 29,028-foot peak. But there still a lot of waste up there from previous expeditions—enough to inspire a documentary and an artist who recycles discarded oxygen bottles into eco-provocative bowls, bells and ornaments.

Landmark Skydive Planned for Everest

Photo by Kappa Wayfarer via Flickr (Creative Commons)

If all goes according to plan, at least 34 skydivers will jump out of a plane and free-fall past the summit of Mount Everest Thursday. The jumps will be the first ever attempted at Everest. Remarked the jump’s organizer, “This will be the most important event in the Himalayan adventure since 1953.”


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